Hp Mp6, Hp Mp4 Digital Signage Players

New digital signage players have been announced by HP that they expect will attract customers to the retail centers. With the introduction of the device they aim to create interactive and compelling store experiences.

HP has announced a couple of affordable products recently in form of MP4 and MP6 digital signage players. Basic objective of HP is to provide the clientele with informative, stunning, and interactive digital experiences.

Managing Dynamic Contents With MP6

One of the objectives of launching the HP Mp6 digital signage player is to enable the retailers meet the requirements relating to dynamic contents as required by the users. To ensure this the device uses the latest Intel (R) dual core processor with high definition HD graphics and it also has adequate ability to power the digital malls as well as hotel directories. With a pair of touch enable screen, it can engage the shopper into some interactive brand experiences.

MP4 is The Thinnest Player

Undoubtedly the thinnest digital signage player in the market is the MP4 introduced by HP. Ideal for retail or any type of hospitality settings the MP4 player can display highly appealing contents either with static images or with full screen videos that can improve the viewer’s experience considerably. With a 64 bit AMD processor coupled with Radeon HD 6320 graphics the device has the ability to create compelling promotional environments.

Catering to Retailer’s Need

Most retailers wish to incorporate highly innovative technologies in order to inform as well as attract their customers to their respective stores. However the complexities and also the costs that are involved in achievement of the goal is a confusing issue for many entrepreneurs. However the HP products can help the retailers irrespective of their sizes and status get both affordable and compelling signage.

Hp Mp6, Hp Mp4 Digital Signage Players

Effective Use of HP Signage

Retailers these days are using the HP signage for appealing to the new generations of shoppers enjoying browsing items and interacting with the store’s brand. A seamless as well as engaging environment can be created providing the online experience to the prospective customers even in the physical stores.

Streamlined Windows (R)

Both these players; MP4 and MP6 now launched by HP contains a streamlined Windows (R) that is embedded atop a digital screen in order of space maximization. Both MP4 and MP6 shall be available in North and Latin America by the end of the month. However they will not be available in Brazil. In any case; the introduction of these two players adds new possibilities for the technology to create new impact on the people individually as well as collectively.

Big Portfolio of HP

HP is the largest technology company of the world and its portfolio is consequentially very large spanning through printing, software, personal computing, various services, and above all; IT infrastructure aimed at solving client problems. In manufacturing its new product it has taken trademark products from Intel and Microsoft and uses the combination.

Since the releases are comparatively fresh they involve risk, assumptions, as well as uncertainties. However, all said and done, the new devices can pave the way for technological environmental transformation in the digital world.

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  1. José Federico Castro Tramontina March 28, 2013

    HP haves a large portfolio of technological products.

  2. its a very good app. impressed with its features.

  3. like the looks and easy operations.

  4. Sony has the best audio products out there, period! I also own an old mp3 player and never had any problem what so ever and best of quality.

  5. Tippori May 10, 2013

    Good palyer for Auto Audio

  6. HP has always done and is doing good and quality products

  7. Phoenix April 8, 2014

    One of the best products that i have used recently

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