Experience the Magic of Sony A-Series Walkman NWZ-A845/B

The latest introduction to the armor of portable music players Sony A-Series video MP3/MP4 walkman; model number NWZ-A845/B. Enjoy superior quality of digital sound with the help of Sony’s technology for clear audio like the Digital noise reduction and the Digital S-Master Amplifier. The gear also provides an OLED screen of 2.8 inches along with the latest SD video output.

The super battery power extends the longevity of the device. It is highly responsible to turn it into a complete entertaining system. You can enjoy long hours of super quality music and high-resolution video with the help of the Sony walkman.

Sony A-Series Walkman NWZ-A845-B

In addition to all these, the drag and drop facility helps you to transfer the music and the video files between the walkman and your computer with ample ease. The device can be easily connected to a computer with the help of an USB cable.

The 13.5mm driver jack is the perfect match with the device to allow high treble and deep bass music. The EX headphones of Sony adds to the production and delivery of quality digital sound. Even the soft silicon earbuds are very gentle to your ears and are exclusively responsible for producing high quality digital sound, making an entirely different musical experience for you.

Music features

The digital noise cancelling feature of the player makes it a pleasurable experience for listening to the music. Even the clear bass and the clear stereo mix provide distinctive sound production, giving an extraordinary experience while listening to the music through this device. There are 5 band equalizers that even help you in selecting the best mode of your choice.

The player also provides the option, which helps in searching the songs through the playlist according to the genre, artist, albums, folder, etc. This helps in quick searching of any song. You can also switch to the shuffle mode. The device provides an approximate playback time of 29 hours, while it can record for almost 246 hours at a stretch (approximately).

Video features

The screen of the player provides resolution of 720x480 QVGA with 30 fmps. Although continuous video playback mode is not supported, yet it approximately supports a video playback time of 8 to 9 hours, along with a maximum recording time of 60 hours (approximately).

Image and file formats supported by the device

This A-Series of Sony walkman supports normal image mode while playing the tracks. It does not support the slide show facility for the image mode. Only the JPEG format of pictures is supported for the music podcast.

The music player supports the following formats of the files –

  • AAC-LC audio
  • Linear-PCM audio
  • WMA audio
  • AAC-LC video
  • AVC video
  • Windows Media video
  • MPEG-4 video

Specifications of Sony A-Series NWZ-A845/B walkman MP3/MP4 player

The device comes with a memory of 16 GB, which may vary according to the storage capacity. The 2.8-inch screen with OLED color display provides the number of the track being played on the player. The device can also be plugged with a high-speed USB. On the other hand, it also features an output terminal of 22-pin WM-PORT.

The built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery also makes it a device to serve for a longer duration with single charge. The charging of the battery is resumes when the music player is connected to the computer through the USB cable.

Pros of Sony A-Series NWZ-A845/B walkman      

  • Supports audio files of AAC, MP3, WMA
  • Supports video files of WMV, MPEG-4, Quick Time MOV
  • SD video output
  • Color OLED display
  • High quality digital sound producing earbuds

Cons of Sony A-Series NWZ-A845/B walkman

  • Expensive device
  • Only black variety available
  • Limited features
  • No gapless playback
  • No continuous video playback

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