Experience Amazing Musical Pleasure With Cowon Z2 Plenue

Enjoy superior quality of sound and music with the device from Cowon. The portable music player is powered with Android Gingerbread and the model resembles just that of the mobile phone. Even the speaker of the mp3 player is positioned in such a way that anyone will simply mistake it to be a mobile phone. The Cowon Z2 Plenue Android AMOLED Full HD PMP mp3 player will definitely grab your attention with its features and appearance.

Cowon Z2 Plenue

Audio features

The audio playback sound quality of the device is surely to mesmerize you. The digital effect of the device outshines any other portable mp3 players of the time. It is even possible to enjoy far superior quality of sound by using larger headphones or sound stages. The superior bass and the treble combination give the pleasing sensation and the quality unmatched any other contemporary portable player, in quality sound delivery.

The 8GB memory of the device helps in storing a lot of music as well as video files in the device. Even if that is not sufficient for you, then there is also the provision of the expandable memory up to 32 GB. This will really make the device a storehouse of your favorite music and the videos.

The internal settings can be used to define the quality of the sound, with the use of sound equalizer hounds. There are as many as 40 presets of equalizer sound settings in the gadget, making it easy for you to choose your favorite combination. Even the 9 reverb modes along with the stereo enhancement act as an added sound enhancer for you.

Video features

The device produces exceptionally excellent videos. The 800 MHz VPU helps in achieving phenomenal performance regarding the video on the 3.7 inch of screen. To add to this, the AMOLED screen with vivid colors helps in making the device even more attractive. In case anyone would prefer the videos to be seen at a bigger screen, just use of the HDMI cable will suffice. Jack in the device with the desktop or the laptop and enjoy a superior quality of picture on the big screen.

Battery life

In addition to this, the battery life of the device is pretty good. The power runs for almost 12 hours in case heavy files of FLAC or APE are played. Otherwise, the battery runs for at least 18 hours in case mp3 files are being played. The video files can be played for about 7 hours at a stretch, applicable for HD video of 1080p variety.

Technical specialties

The device is powered by Android Gingerbread and comes with an AMOLED screen of 3.7 inches. The buttons of Home, Menu, Back, Hold, Play, Rew, FF, Vol+, Vol- help in managing your music, songs and even the videos stored in your device. The device supports almost every type of video formats, viz., AVI, ASF, MKV, TRP, 3GP etc. the maximum resolution that can be achieved in the device is 1920x1080.

In addition to these, the device is powered by JetEffect 5, along with Wi-Fi, FM radio and even recorder. It also possesses G-sensor and Bluetooth.

Pros of the gadget

  • Possesses responsive UI
  • High class audio clarity
  • Excellent HD video quality

Cons of the gadget

  • The design might appear clunky to some
  • Older Android OS

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