Intel 3rd Generation Processors

The launch of core generation of processors has given Intel an extra edge over its competitor AMD and is certainly used in all kinds of computers including laptops and high capacity servers. Core 2 Duo and 2nd generation i3, i15 and i7 processors are designed optimally so that they can fulfill tasks of all types of computing: gaming, business, educational and research. Continuing the era of advanced computing through low power processing and high end outputs, Intel has recently launched the third generation of Core processors. With the new launch, Intel has again revised the core i3, i5 and i7 processor to a wider multithreading and multitasking scenario. Let’s have a look on how does the 3rd generation processor range fulfills the criteria for that.

3rd Generation processors are tailored for thin laptops such as the Intel Ultrabook hardware platform and for this they derive the 22nm standard. The youngest of the range, core i3 has been defined to give a better dimension in visual applications. The i3 processors support HD video in a default mode thus giving a richer and detailed picture. Moreover, an exclusive feature such as wireless video streaming from computer to television is also possible through the new generation processors. Videos can be very easily synchronized for the purpose of editing or sharing, thus saving the clutter of saving clips separately by providing a feature of joining them with the best HD quality possible. HD viewing also comes handy when the user is game crazy and wants to try new games on the 3rd generation i3 processor. The i3 processors, even though not specifically designed for video games and animation, can come in handy for quite a number of games. 3-D viewing is also possible on these processors and it does not consume extra memory or power for such high end viewing.

Core i5 processors come with all the enhanced features for the visuals and add a pinch to the entertainment by adding a feature named as “Intel Insider”. Not related to Intel’s tagline, “Intel Inside”, this feature fetches HD movie titles to the computer so that the user isn’t required to search up in the local market or surf deep in the internet to find a movie title in HD. For this feature, Intel has tied up with some popular movie giants such as Warner Brothers. The user can now just log in to the Intel entertainment zone and select his favorite title to download and enjoy the HD viewing on his computer or on the television through wireless viewing. Televisions enabled with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can connect to a 3rd generation computer wirelessly and access the multimedia which it can process. Since, HD movies are highly supported by these processors, viewing them on a larger screen would be easier for the user too.

When it comes to i7 range of processors, the expectations are almost quadrupled from what they are from i5 or i3 processors. With the third generation coming in for i7, a lot has already been expected as its predecessors have also done tremendously well. 3rd generation i7 processors are now more loaded with high end multitasking features and can be clocked to even a higher frequency with the help of turbo boost technology. For the purpose of multitasking, Intel has developed a technology known as “hyper threading technology”. This technology makes the processor capable enough to simultaneously run multiple processes and sorts them out as per their requirement, keeping none of the processes starving for more resources.

One thing that the Intel 3rd generation processors carry in common is the power saving feature. Designed for all kinds of computers, 3rd generation processors are more inclined towards an extended maximized output even after giving high end outputs in visual and acoustic terms. Quad-core based, these processors are amazingly built to save energy and losses in heat and conduction of signals are significantly less than the earlier processors.

Also, since these processors are designed for best of the futuristic features, they compel the user to switch to better services and products if they really want to experience the 3rd generation computing. For instance, in order to download HD movies, the computer is ought to have a high speed internet connection so that movie downloads are quicker. Also, a better designed and higher power efficient television would be required for wireless viewing features. Hence, with enhancing the processor in terms of power and usage, Intel is actually affecting a lot of hardware that one uses in everyday life.

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  1. usmanjahanian August 1, 2012

    intel is the best technology provider in the computer world. good i like intel core processor.

  2. It is really nice to read about 3rd generation Intel core processor. I want to know about the support criteria of a machine to be a member of the family of 3rd generation Intel core processor.

  3. EagleEye August 2, 2012

    Oficially 3rd-gen Core processor based on 22nm architecture, for a 20-percent performance boost while using 20-percent less power than last-gen chips!!! Its awesome!

  4. conrado sese August 2, 2012

    thanks for sharing this article. I am very interested in i3 intel core processors. keep up the good work!

  5. oh thats nice..... its will become faster

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    Intel is the best way to going fast...

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    definite progress for the gaming industry...

  8. intel are the best processors...thumps up

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    intel is my best way to going is very faster...its very nice

  10. Por lejos los mejores procesadores del mercado, siempre usé Intel, no veo las horas de tener un Core i7

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    awesome.... third gen will be lightening

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    Excellent Processor.I am sure that,It will your dream processor.

  13. Intel processors rules!

  14. i still believe intel has the best processors 🙂

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    ths is great i love to have an i7 prossesor

  16. it's amazing processors ...i have

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    wow I am very fan of these processes

  18. The role of INTEL in todays technology can never be neglected. Great Job

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    Intel is the old and best for the micro chips like processor for now technology. So great intel.

  20. Intel it´s great always do the best things

  21. harish sandhu September 12, 2012

    Intel Core processors are best. Even lunch in 3rd generation processor use less power consumptin and support more memory size.

  22. Wow...awesome...I guess its by far the best processor technology in the market.What is the specs needed for the computer for 3rd generation processor support?

  23. Thanks for sharing this great article about the intel processor series.

  24. sandeep yadav September 30, 2012

    i love intel processors and i own 2nd generation processor and thanx for the 3rd generation

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