In-car Camcorders – Recommendations

The high traffic in general has generated a new camcorder valence (until recently only searched on filmed holidays or weekend walks): Records from your vehicle.

Some drivers are already aware of this trend and, aware of potential adverse events from traffic, cameras were installed on the car. Captured frames can prove their innocence, but the court can automatically decide based on them.

Why put a video camera in the car.

Police can make a report based on this evidence, but if the accused makes an appeal and reach the courtroom, there the videos can be rejected. The reason is that of recording devices are not approved and only recordings with an approved device is considered as reliable evidence, the rest will be subject to commission expertise.

I will not go into more details of legislation, adding only that VCRs are currently the "eyes" that makes justice.

Despite the controversial situation, doesn't hurt to have one at board. Like I said, the policeman who made the record on site can decide who is guilty based on a video. In addition, some insurance companies consider relevant video evidence and you can get compensation for the accident.

What you need to know before buying a camera.

Regarding the video camera, you have to consider several features that help to obtain the most relevant video capture, and mounting accessories, power and data:

  •     Wide Angle - ideally an angle of 170 degrees to capture subjects coming from the side;
  •     Good resolution (HD or Full HD);
  •     Decent sensor, capable of carrying clips used in low light conditions;
  •     Good quality-compression: we must not neglect the compression rate (which must be high enough to obtain clear seizures), but on the other registration should not take up much space;
  •     The device is equipped with display and be able to play records (such that the policeman can see the guilty one);
  •     A motion sensor is welcome, for situations in which events occur in your absence (vandalism, hitting the parking lot, etc..).
  •     Generous memory - 4 GB or more (if internal memory is small, the unit has external card slot);
  •     Accessories for mounting on the dashboard or windshield;
  •     Accessories for car power outlet;
  •     USB data cable.

Depending on budget, we chose several solutions ideal for a compact camera in the car, but of course can be used in other activities involving movement.

Low budget.

If you do not want to invest or do not have money for a dedicated device, mobile phone camera is a practical solution as possible. All you need is a mount board or on the vehicle windshield.

Car Room SS-CS07

Car camera that can be mount on the windshield. Technically, the camera has a 3 MP sensor (for images) and VGA (video). Supports microSD cards up to 16GB.

Car Room SS-CS09

Budget camera with a resolution that does not excel (filmed at modest VGA resolution - 640 x 480 pixels), but has motion sensor that can capture the vandals. For shooting at night, there is a night vision sensor's sensitivity.

Average budget.

SS-CM04 car HD camera

In addition to facilities to say banal (1280 x 960 pixels video, SD slot, 2.5 inch LCD), this camera is useful even in your absence, because it has a sensor that activates recording when it detects movement nearby. Package includes windshield mount, car power adapter and USB cable for data transfer.

Kodak PlaySport ZX3

A Full HD camera only good in traffic, but also fun on travel - walking, beach, pool. Works underwater fully submerged three meters deep.

High budget.

GoPro HERO HD 960

It's a super-powerful camera. GoPro HERO HD 960 is also suitable for extreme sports, and is resistant to shocks and to dive to 60 meters deep. Supports multiple mounting options, depending on activity.

Professional car BlackBox

A camera complete on filming not only on traffic, but also inside the car. Front lens has a wide angle of 140 degrees and can be rotated 20 degrees vertically and inner lens has a wide angle of 120 degrees, both covering a total angle of 260 degrees that can capture images unique to extraordinary quality and high resolution.

This box hides a GPS module that stores and displays the route on the map when connected to a computer.

GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports

GoPro camera is the most advanced currently available. With advanced installation options, submersible to 60 meters, shock resistant and explosion, GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports is a "bundle of muscle" irresistible to enthusiasts. It can record full 1080p HD wide angle of 170 degrees or can capture up to 10 snapshots per second at a 11MP resolution.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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