Rehabilitation of your Paralyzed Hands with the Amazing Gadget- NESS H200

NESS H200 Hand Rehabilitation System

When damages are caused in the nerves in the hands then you might experience damages even in the sensory nerves which dictates motor nerves, sense of touch which helps in the instigate movement. This leads to hand paralysis which causes a numbness or burning or tingling sensation in the affected area in your hand. These symptoms occur because of certain severe conditions such as the Cerebral Palsy or due to Spinal Cord Injuries. This makes the person suffer immensely with difficulties to grasp, reach, hold or even close and open the hand normally. The person may experience motor nerve damage in the hand nerves, this might lead to certain level of weakness. Then people would find it difficult to perform their everyday activities and they often try to compensate by doing all these activities with one hand which is not affected by hand paralysis.

NESS H200 Hand Rehabilitation

Now there has been introduced a miracle device that allows you to activate the muscles groups in the forearm and hand which stimulates and helps in the normal activities of the hand such as the opening and closing skillfully. The NESS H200 Hand Rehabilitation System from the Bioness is a medical gadget that activates the various muscle groups actively in order to help performing the everyday activities such as the grasping and releasing objects with ease. The NESS H200 is an incredible innovation in the medical devices and has huge number of success reviews.

The H200 consists of two main parts which are the orthosis that offers stimulation functional support and the microprocessor that works as the control unit. You need to wear this amazing device in wrist and it will provide enormous support that allows you to efficiently move your thumb and fingers while doing your everyday activities such as pinching, grasping etc. It reduces muscle spasms. Thus H200 is a miraculous device that provides maximum support to enhance the proper functionality of the hands.

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  1. Caitlin March 14, 2012

    My Dad suffers from GBS and still does not have movement back in his hands. Can this help him?? Pls send info!

  2. This could be very useful in bringing fine motor movements in the hands, as well as to facilitate quicker recovery for fine motor skills and coordination. As OT's we find quite difficult to initiate recovery and often times results do not meet our expectations. I'm sure that this will really help.

  3. Excellent product that helped us!

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