Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier – Maximize the Purity of Air in your Home and Car

It is very essential to keep the quality of the indoor air clean and pure. The air borne pollutants and viruses present in the air affects the quality of air that we breathe. Numerous studies have revealed that the quality of indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air. The air pollution affects the humans and animals more in recent times. If you are consistently exposed to these air pollutants then you are borne to diseases such as the –

• Asthma
• Heart failures
• Premature mortality
• Wheezing and coughing
• Cystic fibrosis
• Chronic bronchitis
• Cardio pulmonary disease
• Thrombus formation etc

These are just few of the life threatening disorders caused by the air pollution. Keeping the air pure and clean is the only way by which you can keep your body healthy and free from all these disease. This helps in maintaining the health condition.

Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier

There has been an amazing introduction made which assures you to improve the quality of your indoor air and that gets rid of the harmful virus present in the air, it is the portable virus eliminating purifier.
You can purify the air at your home with this handy air purifier. This fascinating device works by the emission of oxygen and hydrogen ions that are harmless, which wraps the harmful bacteria and viruses without much effort.
Bad odors causes reparatory disorders and this portable air cleaner neutralizes bad odor caused by allergens, cigarettes, paints and furnishings etc. they purify by penetrating in to the contaminant with positive ion charges.
This portable air purifier is free of maintenance since it comes without filter therefore there is no inconvenience of replacing or cleaning of filters is necessary. You can fix this device on your desk and start inhaling fresh pure air.
Though it is available as a small travel cup, it still eliminates up to two hundred and thirty one square feet. You can breathe pure air that is free from H1N1 and MRSA causing viruses. You can also freshen up your car with this portable air purifier!

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