Magical Pen to Screen for disease

Pregnancy is the most important phase that happens in every woman’s life and there are so many complications that she has to face all through the procedure. And because of these complications factors many pregnancy deaths are occurring. This is happening especially at higher rates in the developing countries where women receive very little health care and any kind of efficient treatment for the various health issues. And now there has been introduced a fantastic miracle pen that allows you to detect any kind of diseases or any other complications that affects the pregnant woman and the little fetus by a team of enthusiast research scientists Sean Monagle, Mathew Means, Mary O’Grady, Shisira Nagesh, Peter Truskey, James Warin and Sherri Hall. This is considered as the best health and safety gadget of this year 2011.


The efficient team of doctors was researching on this project for three long years. And last year they received the 100 urine samples of the pregnant women and analyzed it carefully. Once they received the samples it was taken to the lab for further investigations. Thus the magical pen was designed in order to identify and diagnose the diseases caused during pregnancy which will help in caring the mother and child.

The Antental Screening Kit

Developed countries have all the efficient gadgets and products that help in detecting all the diseases before hand and take necessary steps to protect both the lives. The mostly used method for screening any kinds of diseases like preeclampsia and other complications in developed countries are usually done by 50 cent dipstick. But since these methods are quiet expensive the team of doctors worked really hard to find a perfect solution. Monangle and his efficient team of scientist have designed the marker for identifying the prenatal diseases much earlier. This is the most common way to identify accurately the complications affecting the baby ad mother. Since this pen is designed in a way to efficiently recognize the life threatening complications it is a fantastic invention of this year. They are built in an exclusive way to be cheaper and easily accessible even for the under privileged people. This pen costs just one third of per - cent for single use.

The pen is designed for screening many deadly diseases like preeclampsia and other related complications. This disease is the basic cause for the 76,000 deaths of the mother and 500000 deaths in little infants every year. But you should understand that any kinds of diseases can be easily treated in case they are detected at earlier stage. Monangale demonstrated this by drawing a yellow line on a piece of filter paper. Then they squeezed a drop of the urine in to the filter paper. The test strip will turn cobalt blue. This sign indicates that the urine consists of sign of high levels of protein which is the sign of preeclampsia.

Thus we have the magic marker pen for testing and screening prenatal diseases at cheaper rate and easier way in order to save millions of lives of mother and child.

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  1. Definitely a great health tool. Many patients only find out about their condition when they go for consultation in clinics and hospitals. This will be a great help for everyone. Hope it will really be that affordable for everyone.

  2. Wow. what technology in a pen saving life. Amazing.

  3. Definitely it is very compact and useful, simply superb.

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