iPosture : Electronic Gadget To Improve Your Posture

iPosture is a small gadget, sizing nearly 1 inch in diameter, which allows us to improve our posture. It works on a Coin sized battery which makes it work all the time throughout, alerting us about our posture. It should be worn close to the Chest Skin, and it starts analyzing our posture with its point of view according to the Degree of Walking, Heartbeat and many more similar factors like that. The Gadget can be worn as a Locket in a chain or can be placed using stick pads, or even attached to the Bra Straps. It starts vibrating once the person run out of a proper posture in the walking, or standing, making themselves loose, or non caring.

Source : Smashinggadgets

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  1. Franco Bava September 7, 2011

    Dear Sirs,

    Pls let me know if (iposture is avalable in Italy),
    Otherwise pls let me know where I can buy it.

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