ME Electronics A151 Headphone Review

A headphone in combination with good music seems to be a great boon for the music lovers. Among the recent electronic gadgets inventions, the headphones seem to be one of rarest inventions of its kind, which are used by all the ardent music lovers across the globe. Headphones are engineered with a marvelous design to give a sublime sound reproduction with no compromise of quality.

ME Electronics A151Out of many manufacturers of headphones, only few have made the world class headphones which deliver uncompromised sound quality. ME Electronics, California is no doubt one among such few companies that produces the best of the headphones in the world. Started as a small company, MEE products are worth for the money value. Let us review here their model A151. The real USP of this model lies in its balanced armature drivers that are responsible to reproduce the best quality sound from the original sound. Its fidelity to produce the near original sound is truly amazing.

The A151β€²s technical specifications:

The technical specifications include:

Driver: A unique single micro balanced armature.

Casing: High impact deco casing with angled fit

Frequency Response: Ranging from 15Mhz up to 20 KHz covering the entire audio spectrum.

Audio Sensitivity: 111 dB (Decibles)

Internal Impedance: 27 Ohms

Maximum Power Input: 25 mW (Milli Watts)

Quality design of A151 Headphones

Every single piece of the Model A151 headphone passes great quality standards at the MEE factory. The housing of the model A151 is rock solid thought it is made by plastic. Used with special twisted cables which are rarely gets cut during the usage. The 3.5 millimeter plug used in the A151 headphone is gold plated which is sturdy and have very good resistant. The chrome parts used for housing the driver looks attractive. These specials features really make the model A151 a unique and valued worth for the money.

Pros and Cons of the model A151 Headphone

Every gadget made in this earth has advantages as well as disadvantages. However the model A151 headphones have more advantages than the disadvantages. As this proportion is large one even ignores the disadvantages.


Comfortability: More than the quality of sound that model A151 delivers, the real USP lies in its comfortability makes all the difference. It fits into your ears with ease and the user will not feel the weight of the product because of its light weight of the ear pieces. This feature really attracts the users especially the music lovers.

Perfect Isolation: The model A151 headphones from ME Electronics offer a perfect isolation that the user cannot be disturbed by the external noises during the usage times. This feature enables all the users to feel good while riding in a bus or train.

Value for the money: This is a great advantage over the competitors. Model A151 headphones offer all great features at an affordable cost, which cannot be delivered by any of the competitors. The headphones are worth more for the money value.


The product A151 is not integrated with mobile phones. This is not welcomed by the mobile users. Of course the company claims its own reason for this slip. Some of the music connoisseurs feel the bass response is a bit thin in this model A151.

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  11. headsets are very nice and also the model specification,

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