Experience Amazing Sound Quality with Philips Fidelio M1 Headphone

Experience the world of amazing music and sound technology through Philips Fidelio MI headphones. The stylish look of the device will simply turn you on at the first glimpse itself. The black plastic ear cup of the device certainly helps a lot in setting the earpieces comfortably on the ear, without giving much pain to the user. The users would not even be feeling uncomfortable while using the device for long hours. The black color of the device provides added attraction to the amazing headphones.

Philips Fidelio M1 HeadphonesProperties

The device of Fidelio MI is designed in a scientific way to give exceptional musical pleasure to the users. The tiny holes present on the cups of the ear speakers help in thrusting special depth of the music into the ears. These are the bass exhausts of the headphone. It is this additional feature that makes the device stand out from the ordinary headphones. The technology used in manufacturing the headphones helps in providing heavy low-end quality of sounds. This feature of the device helps in making even the negligible sound to be distinguished clearly.

The design of Fidelio from Philips makes the cups of the speakers to sit in accordance to the ear of the user. Even the pads used in the headphone are soft enough to provide extra comfort for the user. To add to all these, the cable that comes with the headphones is also very sturdy and does not come off easily. This helps a lot for the users, who try to cope up with the problems when the thin cables of their headphones tears off after getting accidentally entangled to any material – be it in the hinges of the door or at the corner edges of the table etc. The jack provided in the headphone also helps in safekeeping the headphone by detaching the cable after use.

Quality of sound

The quality of sound offered by the headphone is also convincing. Although the device projects bass exhausts on the speakers of the headphone, yet there is a complete balance of treble also. The headphones offer a complete package of effective mixing of bass, along with the treble of audio, making it quite interesting to listen to rock and other instrumental music through it. The device provides a warmer and realistic sound quality, rather than just offering the high and deeper sound through the speakers. This quality even helps in relishing the music with ease for long hours, rather than getting an uncomfortable headache.

Specifications of the headphone

The headphone of Fidelio M1 from Philips is an ‘over the ear’ type device. The cable jack attached to the speakers is of better quality and has a length of 1.1 m, which is good for easy movement, while the cable is being joined with the music device. The headphone ranges in between 15 Hz and 24 kHz of sound frequency, which is quite good. The product of Philips Fidelio M1 headphones can be given a thumbs-up for the following specialties,

  • Great mix of sound (bass and treble)
  • Great appearance
  • Sturdy cable jack
  • Comfortable to the ears

Pros of the device

• Great for listening to Rock, Pop and instrumentals

• Stylist and attractive in appearance

Cons of the device

• High price in comparable to quality

• Not fit for listening to classical music

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