Experience the Blasting and Heart-Throbbing Sound of New iPod Touch Fifth Generation (2012)

Enjoy a completely new experience of enthralling performance and blasting musical effect on the new iPod Touch (2012). The mesmerizing effect of the music is so enthralling that you will be floored by the performance of the new gadget by Apple. A complete touchscreen gadget with a sleek design, it even appears to be very cheeky and attractive. The device will also act as an additional accessory and even become your all-time friend, providing you the everlasting musical thrill that you were looking for over these years.

Apple iPod Touch 2012The extremely advanced gadget helps in experiencing the digital version of music that no other device is able to produce. The high quality of sound and the effects produced by the device helps in increasing the value of the device. The gravity of the gadget increases even more, when any moving picture, associated with sound, is experienced.

The music device of Apple’s iPod Touch 5th Generation (2012) is very sleek, with only 4.86 inches in height and 2.31 inches in width. The gadget even weighs only 3.10 ounces. The light material makes it even suitable to carry anywhere. The LED flash and the camera provided in the device allows capturing of photographs.

Additional features

In addition to all these, the gadget requires certain additional functionalities for full operation. Internet access is required for playing certain kind of videos and audio files. Even, access to the ID of Apple might also be needed in many cases. The hi-end device synchronizes with iTunes on personal computers or even in Mac. However, there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to make the process of synchronization work properly.

In case the new iPod is synchronized with Mac devices, then the Mac device needs to be equipped with 10.6.8 version of operating system, or even higher version is applicable. On the other hand, in case the iPod is being synchronized with a personal computer, then the system needs to be equipped with either Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system. The gadget also comes with an accessory of advanced headphones.

Audio features

The new iPod Touch (2012) supports AAC, WAV, HE-AAC and other types of superior formats of files, other than the most common ones. The audio playback is supported on a frequency response between 20Hz and 20,000Hz. This helps in providing extra bass of the music and the much-needed depth of sound, which is otherwise absent from any other kind of music gadget of the present day even.

Video features

Various files of the format of .mp4, .m4v and even .mov are supported for video playback, by the gadget. Streaming of videos from Apple TV is possible when the gadget is connected to the web. The device supports a 1080p version of highly advanced HD quality of video.

Things it can drive you to buy

  • 32 GB vast storage
  • Advanced retina display screen

Things you need to consider before you buying it

  • Price is extremely high in comparison to other MP 3 Players

47 Responses to “Experience the Blasting and Heart-Throbbing Sound of New iPod Touch Fifth Generation (2012)”

  1. Sharonrose Dsouza November 30, 2012

    Apple's new iPod Touch looks great! It has a very good audio sound but it is very expensive.

  2. So good, good jub, thanks.

  3. A wonderful product

  4. What a style of ipod, nice look and 32gb memory nice deal but it too expensive

  5. Nice colors. Really stylish. 32gb memory looks great. But that price...

  6. Aarvin M S December 1, 2012

    Apple's new ipod is awesome. It has a lot of new features. Its really good. I'm looking forward to buy one.

  7. Osama Maher December 2, 2012

    i love ipod 🙂

  8. Really awesome ipod. Just out of my price range, but will get as soon as possible.

  9. different color also there,picture reso also good

  10. nice look and too expensive.

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  11. new style and good memory but still expenssive

  12. The new ipod looks really nice, the colors and everything, i gotta try it.

  13. prabhath December 4, 2012

    nice product

  14. SamoSkupo December 4, 2012

    Very nice product. I must have one.

  15. nothing so speciall....

  16. Fantastic product. Design is so stylish and sleek.A little bit expensive but still good job.

  17. good product but very expensive

  18. It sounds good, 32 gb also pretty good

  19. bhushan raut December 5, 2012

    It sounds good, 32 gb ya that is very exciting and powerful feature for user like me.
    i am enjoying pub at home with iPod.

  20. i really like that one but it too expensive 🙁

    • encore bravo pour l&uriro;asrqvée de ta future princesse !!continuez a respirer le bonheur mais je ne m’inquiete pas pour ça ! vous avez trouvé la recette !!!hâte de voir la petite bouille de ta poupée !!bref, je vous souhaite que du bonheur à tous les 4 ! et continue de nous faire d’aussi belles photos !!!gros bisous ma belle

  21. I really want one of those but i really dont want to sell my home to buy this one 😛

  22. I really want one of those but i really dont want to sell my home to buy this one 😛

  23. all apple products reflect Steve Jobs's personality

  24. alexziano December 11, 2012

    very nice

  25. its sound system is really amazing

  26. Rantom2010 December 22, 2012

    It's really attractive & sounds amazing... wish i could have one....

  27. i say produce is very good

  28. Looks Amazing but too expensive

  29. New Apple I Pod has lot of good new features but it is quite expensive.

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  31. love this!

  32. nice look

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  33. wonderfull

  34. Apple's new ipod is awesome. It has a lot of new features. Its really good. I'm looking forward to buy one.

  35. I like very much

  36. amir muzammil January 17, 2013

    nice look i like it a lot

  37. mohammad January 18, 2013

    good innovations ,new technology

  38. benzeriah January 18, 2013

    very nice

  39. aaliyamohsin January 22, 2013

    looks are nice but nothing special from other technologies

  40. Orseolo88 January 24, 2013

    nice phones

  41. Žilvinas March 20, 2013

    nice look and too expensive.

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