Exclusive Headphone: The Sennheiser CX 880i

Today’s generation is representing new frontier of high quality audio and they are enjoying the enchanting music on the go with their exclusive iPhone and iPod generations. The Sennheiser CX 880i is the earphone of the month of April 2011. This headphone is carefully designed to enhance its capacity to make them enjoy the music with ecstasy. The music lovers can easily access to the incredible piece of technology of Sennheiser CX 880i at a rebate offer of $30 as a promotional incentive.

Sennheiser CX 880i

The CX 880i produces amazing lifelike music and it is specially designed and crafted exclusively for the Apple products. The dynamic head phones and speakers use a noise isolating ear canal headset. They shield the noise and the ear cups consists of hypoallergenic pads which can be rotated easily so that you can listen to music in single ear while listening and sharing with your friends. The headphones are long lasting since it is made from robust plastics but still they are light weighted. The transducer I specially tuned for perfect music. The headphone comes with ear adapter and a supplied carrying case.

The head phones are specially equipped with an in built remote that allows you to easily carry the ipad or ipod or iphone in your pocket. At the same time you can still playback volume and attend the incoming calls and playlists.
Thus the CX 880i features special smart remote with mic hat allows it to be used with the latest models of ipod and iphones. The channel cables are designed as ergonomic and enable you to listen to the music without any interruption. It comes along with a leather pouch and cleaning tool. It is provided with warranty for two years. With all these special features the headphones are correctly the CX 880i as the headphone of the month!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  1. black May 14, 2011

    wow, nice headphones 😉

  2. jamankabir June 14, 2011

    This is very nice and good.you can choice

  3. i like this headphone and eager to buy

  4. valeri manasiev September 7, 2014

    maybe if you were in other colors .......

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