Dipped in luxury to Create an Extraordinary Gaming Experience – the PS3 Slim

The PS3 Slim

Luxury hits the gaming experience with the touch of elegance for the PS 3 lovers. Technology has revolutionized with new innovations in every field. Consumers are thirsty for smaller and thinner concepts in the gadgets that they use. This special feature has been implemented in the new gadgets such as the televisions, tablets, phone and computers and so are these consumer technologies appearing thinner by shedding their weight to cause convenience to its consumers. The gaming experiences have been triggered with extravaganza because of the introduction of 3D technology offered at the consumer level in their mobile phones and televisions and also video games console. But the extreme luxury hits the PS3 with its new Nintendo Wii Supreme and Sony PS3 Supreme. This gaming console of Wii Supreme is considered as the world’s most expensive at the introductory price rate of $485,920. The casings of this piece of luxury game console look gorgeous and are made up of 2500gm of 22ct gold. Similarly the PlayStation3 Supreme wears around 1600gm of 22ct gold with 58 x 0.50ct and individually set up diamonds on both sides of the disk entrance. Few précis rocks are also added to the Wii Supreme as front buttons.

Extreme Operational levels

Now you may be wondering if the gold coating has increased the operational performance of the devices to another level. And the answer for this query is a ‘’No’’. As far as the operation levels are concerned the Sony PS3 Supreme performs in the same level as their less fashionable counterparts. But this golden opportunity knocks only at the doorsteps of those folks who are not affected by the recession chaos and are still ready to spend little extra money just to show the world you are worth more!

Why is the new Sony PS3 Supreme so Expensive?

The new Customized PS3 Slims that has been dipped in 24-karat gold is a piece of luxury and is quiet expensive at the rate of $4,999. You might be wondering- why is it so expensive? Well, it is all because the PS3 supreme have been coated with 24 karat of genuine gold. Yes you may gift this precious game console to your loved ones as it shows them how much worth they are to you. This classic collection of game console is not just painted with your favorite shades but the new invention of PS3 Slim has been dipped in real gold which makes the spectacular difference.

Exclusive package of joy

The shell of the PS3 slim is coated with genuine 24Karat gold and you can also purchase two 24 Karat gold controllers. It also offers one year warranty. You can also customize your PS3 supreme with the black chrome, logos in chrome, white gold, 24 karat gold or also if you want it could also be immersed in platinum to hold a richer gaming fun. There are various other options such as creating you r own PS3 logo using diamonds or any valuable rocks such as ruby and emerald are also provided for those who hunger for more class and elegance. Enjoy the fun ride with elegance and rich!

4 Responses to “Dipped in luxury to Create an Extraordinary Gaming Experience – the PS3 Slim”

  1. Abilash July 21, 2011

    even though its a little out of the league but just looking at it makes me to start thinking about having one for me

  2. i love playing ps3. thanks for really attractive thing. planning to buy this only

  3. TomasP May 20, 2012

    nice gold ps3, but i dont known for who people they make this gameconsole,lol

  4. I have PS3 FAT classic, and it works same as this one. Just a little cheaper.

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