Canon IXUS 230 HS – Ultra-Compact Colored Camera

IXUS range from Canon doesn't require any introduction. It offered over time the ultra-compact cameras with above average image quality. Next we meet a relatively accessible representative of the range, the IXUS 230 HS model. Slim, lightweight, metallic and colorful, we should see now how well the camera works. The winter Holidays are approaching, and Canon IXUS 230 HS may be under the category of cool gifts and stands well under a tree.

New ideas for design

Like any model from IXUS range at present is very compact and well built. Metal casing is another feature of the IXUS series. The Canon's have not ventured to design. This time, however, they took a button and a switch and put them on the side. The battery and card compartment are known. The buttons are small but can be easily pressed by those with larger fingers.


The HS sign from the end of its name indicates the presence of BSI CMOS sensor. It is small but offers good image quality compared with ordinary sensors. The objective is compact and has a good optical zoom. The stabilization of the image is a feature invariably present at this price level. Other facilities have already been encountered previously tested in similar devices. We speak here of the effect of miniaturization, low-resolution movie in slow motion, various image effects and recognition of faces in the picture.

Image Quality

Canon IXUS 230 HS has a compact sensor. Soon, however, most manufacturers will use BSI sensors. Compared to a DSLR or a compact removable lens, the ultra-compact is left behind. If the image noise is attacked on IXUS 230 HS by algorithms from ISO 200, the new DSLR's photos are "clean" and ISO 800 and ISO 1600 can be used with acceptable quality loss.

Canon IXUS 230 HS was not created to compete with a DSLR. Ultra-compact can be forgotten in a pocket during the trip and will perform great in natural light and better than decent in low light. If you take a photo taken with ISO 800 at full resolution and reduced to 1024x768 or 1280x960, you'll hardly notice how noise affects image quality. I could even venture to say that ISO 1600 may be used if the image will be resized later.

When we look at the pixel level of image quality, we begin to see the limitations of small sensor data, be it backlit (BSI). Pictures taken at ISO 100 looks best, as expected, but at ISO 200 starts to notice a slight grain. It is even more pronounced at ISO 400, but the slight loss of detail is visible from ISO 800. Image noise at ISO 1600 is well attenuated, but the details are very affected. The ISO 3200 color accuracy is affected and not recommend using this value.


Canon IXUS 230 HS camera can shoot at 1920x1080 and 1280x720 resolutions, but with a low compression. A minute of footage at full HD resolution takes about 250 MB on the card. Thus, Canon compact cameras differentiates its video cameras that can record several minutes of video into 250 MB. The movie quality is good in the daylight, but is only acceptable when the light is weaker. Optical zoom can be used during filming, but its mechanism is slowed to reduce noise over the microphone.


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    I own one, its fairly fabulous... Go get it...

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