Worried for Your Car Safety? Have a Look At These Latest Car Safety Gadgets

Car Safety Gadgets

Apart from the home; a car is perhaps the most valuable possession that anyone can have. However with the possession of any valuable property also come the concerns about its safety. While manufacturers and providers have been always at the job, safety devices that look invincible for some times often become vulnerable as the burglars and thieves are able to find out their weak points. Taking cue from such experience; manufacturers are coming up with some of the newest gadgets in 2011.

Let us now have a look at the top three car gadgets for car safety coming up in the year 2011.

Crime Guard 750i6

Latest car alarm system, Crime Guard 750i6 not only has all the basic features that make an alarm system highly reliable but also is easy to access. Main features of the system are –

  • It has similarities with the traditional remote control and is very easy to handle.
  • This car alarm safety system is available in attractive package and it includes a variety of alarm systems.
  • Despite its small size the alarm system contains numerous features. Therefore it becomes difficult for the user initially to get acquainted with the features but once they get into it they will find the experience exotic.
  • User can open and close the door, and can set ring tones to learn the condition of the vehicle at any time.
  • In addition; there are door and shock sensors that offer immediate alerts.

Performance of Crime Guard 850i6 is quite impressive as it includes multiple options for the user including the small screen of the display device. Quick installations as well as wide range of functions help moving from one section to another.


In addition; the providers offer good customer services helping out the buyers.


Clarion SR6000

With full array of fantastic features, Clarion SR6000 is quite easy to use. It is generally used because of the sound alerts it generates when the thief or burglar tries to violate the privacy of the car of the user concerned. Most of the features of Clarion SR 6000 are –

  • It can timing the parking meter;
  • Restarting the vehicle is possible while controlling as well as monitoring temperatures;
  • The device is sleek looking and it helps controlling the array of fantastic features it offers; and
  • In addition the device has a lot of a combination of pressing buttons several times.


While the device carries some basic features that are simple as well as intuitive as the protection of the car can be armed and disarmed at the convenience. When the temperature of the car drops to zero degrees the remote start up feature can easily help the engine to get warm and start up.

Clarion SR 6000 can easily notify if there is any change in the vehicle condition and an alert will buzz. At the same time the alert icon that allows one to prevent any stolen activities if performed.


Numerous other gadgets are coming up but these two are likely to be popular in the market.


10 Responses to “Worried for Your Car Safety? Have a Look At These Latest Car Safety Gadgets”

  1. bharat June 9, 2011

    seems more safe n sound .....nicer approach towards car safety and road rage which almost kill thousands of people every year ......well said that precaution is ofcourse better than cure...

  2. hehee nooooo way, The accidents happend everywhere :S

  3. Basmkua March 26, 2012

    yea, the accidents happend everywhere

  4. rakesh choudhary October 30, 2012

    a right approach towards road safety. having an alarm which shows the approaching danger is a phenomenon job. good work done by the manufacturer or should i say engineer...bravo..

  5. rakesh choudhary October 30, 2012

    good approach towards safety. these works are definitly going to lessen the accident rates.

  6. This car alarm safety system is available in attractive package and it includes a variety of alarm systems.

  7. wow thats safty guys

  8. Security is never too

  9. I do not think one gan get worried untill someone close to him gets hurt in the caraccident. Till that moment, nobody even thinks about car driving safety...but than it may too late already. This is why this driving safety should be introduced in hidchools if nothing else to start raising awareness in their young age.

  10. Issac Jebaraj August 5, 2014

    Safety First. Accident will rest.

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