Tata Nano To Be Test Run For A 12000 Km On Roads

Tata declares officially for a Test Run To Tata Nano, the worlds cheapest car to be put forward on to a 12000 Km Long Run. Tata Nano has already got positive reports on its efficiency from the British Forensic Specialists, but the Tata Nano Team still haven't changed the plans to go for the Test Run.

3 Cars, made out from the plant in Sanand in Gujarat will be selected for the Test Run. As officially declared by the TATA Team, Chief Minister Narendra Modi will be doing the Flag off to the start of the test run. The aim of this long Test run, names as SUPER DRIVE is to make people confident on the fact (may not be a Fact πŸ™‚ )that Nano is the most safest car.

The cars selected for the test run would be specially designed with graphics mixing both music and sports, and these cars would head to North, East and South respectively exploring over 40 Big Markets and holding special meetings with premium personalities. Glad that Tata will be selecting random customers as the riders, so that everyone would get a Lucky chance to be elected for the Run. These Cars would be accompanied by Bloggers, Videographers and Photographers in 2 escorting vehicles. Hope NANO would prove its Efficiency whole around the world.

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  1. nano is the best cheapest car in the world

  2. zongdep August 14, 2014

    Hope issues with Tata's build quality is well looked upon.its convergence with the british auto giants will put Tata in a very Solid stance.. A lot can be learned and implied.

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