Giants Take A Big Leap

When the last decade ended, it was very well predicted by the experts that apart from the present changes in the automotive scenario, some revolutionary ones can be expected to catch a fire as they have been one of the most worked sector every time since their invention. The present is very well proving this theory as we have seen a zeal of breakthroughs of non conventional cars from the giants like Toyota ,General Motors and not to forget, the very famous, Nissan.

Right at the starting of the year, Toyota launched their gas-electric hybrid, Toyota Prius. More sort of innovation than just a vehicle, the Prius revolutionized the car makers thought about cars. It went to become a big success and it became for the company to keep with the demands, especially with the new design they came out with in the year 2004 as it soon sold over 1million Prius. A lot of big ventures were talked about after this game changer was launched. But it is now that the “green efforts” are showing up as Chevrolet and Nissan have came up with something that is totally going to change to the view about how people take hybrid cars. Not just breaking the old theories of these cars being less fast and less torque delivering, the makers have also made the innovative looks which we just see at the auto shows, come alive and made them one of those which can be owned.

Just before the last year ended, we witnessed the Chevrolet Volt striking the market. This sedan being an extended range electric, made its first impact just before a couple of days after its launch as it was officially declared as the world’s most fuel efficient car. On an all electric mode, the cars’ Li-on battery made an average of 35km.Also, openly mocking on diesel cars; this car was able to provide 150HP of power with 273 lb feet of torque, tremendous for sure. A 1.4 liter engine loaded, this car comes fully loaded with what “needs as well as wants” for a fabulous drive.

Now with the marvelous success of this car, GM has decided has decided to pull up its production by 60,000 units to make for the ever increasing demands. Following the market trends, Nissan has also come up with its all electric car, Nissan Leaf.

Speculated as the result of what Nissan has been showing at various international car shows, Leaf comes out to be an economic and following what the news say, “an all-out race car”. A five door hatchback, the Leaf has looks similar to that of a racecar as it is quite small and light when compared to other hatchbacks having conventional fuel technology. The Nissan Leaf won the 2010 Green Car Vision Award, the 2011 European Car of the Year award, and the 2011 World Car of the Year, and ranks as the most efficient EPA certified vehicle for all fuels ever. For this fabulous record, credit totally goes to the research team at Nissan who have come up with  such a powerful little wonder that deliver 99 miles per charge and 76 miles per charge at highways and cities respectively.

With these wonders already in the market, it might get a little difficult for other companies to strike gold but this non conventional fuel market has just been open, and it has a lot more to receive from the giants!!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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