Awesome USB Gadgets for you

USB Gadgets

Any technological gadgets can obtain alternate source of energy for any sized or capacity computers that are in built with the USB port. For devices which does not require any communication with the computers this is the perfect form of device. These devices are becoming more popular these days. Though they are smaller they are designed to store more data than ever. Let us discuss about few of the USB powered devices.

USB Air conditioned shirt

The most advanced and amazing USB gadget of this decade is the USB Air conditioned shirt. Inside these shirts there are two tiny fans of measurement 10 cm each fixed. This cool shirt can be powered using USB ports. This enables the person wearing them total comfort of keeping him cool under the collar.

The USB cooler

The USB cooler is a very useful gadget that acts as the cooling pad for any kind of beverages. It is designed to cool any drinks up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling effect stays for hours and therefore it is very much used by thirsty sports players who play games for longer period of time. This handy USB gadget can be taken anywhere from schools to workplace for sipping your favorite drink and rejuvenate your drooping spirits.

USB Microscope

The USB microscope is a useful little gadget which is used by the biology stream students. The microscope is equipped to zoom in to more than 200 xs and it enables you to take time lapse videos and pictures with this USB microscope. You can install it easily with the free software provided with the microscope. Other benefits such as the eye dropper, sample slide, tweezers and specimen jars are provided along with the USB microscope gadget.

There are wide ranges of USB gadgets available in the market such as the USB watch, USB storage Carousel, USB 3D Webcam and much more with startling performance and reasonable price rates.

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  1. Deepak July 2, 2011

    These USB gadgets are very impressive and they are using the very latest technology.This is the beauty of uSB the size of device using this technology getrs reduced day by day for instance take the pen drive,memory card reader.

  2. CoreyTaylor July 8, 2011

    All of those look great, but I think I'm going to get the USB cooler, useful for long nights in the summer... πŸ™‚

  3. momoon July 22, 2011

    It is always great if ownership of the USB tree of this nature

  4. momoon July 22, 2011

    It is always great if ownership of the USB tree of this nature. I enjoyed it

  5. Lucas R.t August 7, 2011

    nice aquarium USB is portable?

  6. swagatadgg June 18, 2012

    This is a very good USB device.

  7. it's a perfect USB device

  8. It is always great if ownership of the USB tree of this nature. I enjoyed it

  9. vaibhav diwakar December 27, 2012

    the devices are very stylish and we find a huge collection

  10. vaibhav diwakar December 27, 2012

    the gadgets are very stylish and we find a huge collection

  11. as more and more gadgets can be powered thru a usb it can now lower the difficulty of finding the convenient oulet for your gadget

  12. rajeev May 30, 2016

    For Indians I think the best gadget out of these all will be USB air conditioned shirt .

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