TOP 5: Worth Specification For Buying A Laptop In 2014

Laptop market is going doing from the past 3 - 4 - 5 years. No longer had launches treadmill models, the development of new portable gone into deadlock.

Buying A Laptop

Sony chose to sell VAIO division as had become a real black hole in the finances of the company. Acer, HP, Dell, ASUS are on a downward spiral. Lenovo is the only company that performs and has become a world leader. Intel from the Ultrabook program has subsidized some companies and appeared some portions of reduced thickness, etc.

There are several elements that would stimulate the notebook market and make a bigger class of customers to change their laptop.

1. FHD/1080p Notebooks Display

There are phones and tablets with FHD resolution / 1080p/1920 x 1080 pixels and in 2014 will be up to 2560 Γ— 1600 pixels/2K. For laptops were amazed to 1366 Γ— 768 pixels regardless of format (11.6, 13.3 or 15.6 inches).

On the other hand I rather prefer a mat display and not a touch although the touch screen combination + mat would be effective. Budgets in the tens or hundreds of millions of euro go to R&D.

2. Greater portability regardless of laptop diagonal

Any laptop launched in 2014 should not pass 2 - 2.2 kg above the thickness of 20-25 mm. I do compared to phones and tablets category which does not pass the threshold of 10 mm. I understand that a laptop can't reach those values​​, but ultrabooks were launched with a thickness below 20 mm and weighing 1.3 - 1.5 kg.

It is not impossible to make such a laptop and bring it to something more reasonable prices, but not more than $1600. Brick type laptops no longer have place in 2014 nor in low-cost categories. Could put out the DVD-RW, one of connectivity options which no longer have a purpose in 2014.

3. Materials and finish quality

Almost all laptops under $1000 have all sorts of shiny surfaces, plastics with weird noises, unfortunate joints. In a word looks horrible. There are exceptions to the rule. I would like not to see laptops that only want to attract through cheap tools. You will buy a laptop to use it as a tool. You need durability, pleasant material and matte surfaces.

I understand that if they want to attract the female audience will go for strong colors, etc. That's another discussion.

4. The ability to upgrade your laptop in time

Here are positive examples. Maguay is a portable configurator and you can put on it what you want, depending on the budget. And after you buy your netbook you can also upgrade it.

It isn't impossible to put the screws to view and handle yourself. To be clearly delineated: the HDD, RAM. It would not hurt to offer the ability to upgrade the graphics card.

5. Sound quality, backlit keyboard, generously sized touchpad.

It is unacceptable that a laptop released in 2013 - 2014 to sound worse than a mobile phone or tablet with Android. How hard could it be to implement quality sound through two speakers positioned in front of the notebook, for example.

A quality keyboard cannot be found on a laptop of $700-$1000. Almost all are made of cheap plastic, bad feedback. Only in the higher classes you get a good keyboard for example on Sony VAIO flagship models had some in this regard. Touchpad hypermarkets began to be widely used as Apple MacBook chose such a solution. However, there are laptops with 15.6/17 inch and small touchpads.

There are other factors to be taken into account in the dynamic market of laptops: realistic prices, new forms for portable high flexibility, easy transformation from laptop to tablet etc.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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