Sony Vaio Duo 11 – Hybrid Ultrabook with Windows 8

Related to its appearance, I love it! Has sharp corners, is compact and has a business aspect. Sony united in the Vaio Duo 11 model two parts - ultrabook and tablet. When the screen is folded over the keyboard, Vaio Duo 11 is a 11.6 inch tablet Full HD touch screen. But the model is a more an ultrabook than a tablet and it has a thickness of 19.9 mm and weighs 1.3 kg, well above the average of a tablet from 2013.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Tablet

Sony Vaio Duo 11

With Surf Slider design, the Vaio Duo 11 ultrabook can be transformed instantly into a tablet while traveling for Internet browsing, music and movies. When you want productivity, simply lift and drag the screen from its top, so obtaining a physical keyboard ultrabook. Do not try to push it like on the Toshiba Satellite U920T because will not fail to reach the keyboard.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Sliding

Like other competing hybrid models, the screen is not protected as in ordinary laptops, it is always exposed to unfortunate incidents, especially if carried in a backpack along with other sharp objects, it may damage the ultrabook. Has 11.6 inch diagonal screen and Gorilla Glass protection.


Sony Vaio Duo 11 2

If we're outside, we can tell you about the ports found in Sony Vaio Duo 11. In this chapter, it is pretty good. I was surprised to see that Sony has implemented even a VGA port. List of ports: 2 x USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI, card reader 2-in-1, 1 RJ-45 network port, 1 stereo 3.5mm jack.


Keyboard and TrackPoint

As I said, Sony Vaio Duo 11 is more of an ultrabook rather than a laptop or a tablet. As the tablet is quite difficult to use in its 1.3 Kg. So I tried to enjoy the integrated and automatic configuration with the keyboard. But the situation was not too pink. It has a QWERTY keyboard, Chiclet type with keys smaller than a normal keyboard too small for my taste, but it is quite practical. Can be used even in low-light conditions because it is illuminated.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Keyboard

The touchpad is missing and its place was taken by a TrackPoint. This format reminds me of the Sony Vaio P. Unfortunately, I cannot get comfortable with the TrackPoint and touchpad was always my favorite. There were times when I accidentally touched it and moved me somewhere else.


sony vaio duo 11 3

Sony Vaio Duo 11 comes equipped with a 11.6-inch touchscreen display, IPS type with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). In this chapter, Sony has not compromised what we enjoy. The screen renders crisp, colors are pleasant, viewing angles are generous and can be used easily in sunlight. The screen comes with OptiContrast technology, offering more enjoyable experience of viewing photos and movies.

Sony has introduced a gel layer between the outer glass and LCD panel that reduces refraction between layers and provides better accuracy in writing with digital stylus. Thus, you can easily hand write directly on the screen of the ultrabook. When using the stylus, Vaio Duo 11 ignores pressure from the palm on the screen.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Strengths:

+ 11.6-inch multi-touch screen with IPS and Full HD

+ Top configuration for an ultrabook and based on a Core i5 Ivy Bridge

+ Good construction and finish

+ Digital Stylus

+ Sensors (NFC, GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro, Digital Compass)

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Weaknesses:

- The touchpad has been removed

- Autonomy is acceptable, but below the average level of an ultrabook

- Resistant sliding system, but there are quite many items to view

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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