Make Way for Akash, the tablet

There has been quite a stir in the tablet computer from quite a while. From delivering the most powerful one to getting the most economic one, the computer and electronic giants have tried their level best in fulfilling every dimension to get the best of the tablets to the people. However, the tablet that has stolen the show is the Akash. A joint development venture of the Indian Institute of Technology, Rajasthan and London Based computer newcomer, Datawind, Akash is a $35 tablet and it fulfils all the features that a tablet is recommended to.

Aimed to fulfil smart computing needs for students, the tablet comes up packed with the following features:

  • Google Android 2.2 Operating System;
  • A 366MHz ARM 11 microprocessor.
  • 256MB of RAM and 2GB internal memory.
  • Slots for USB, keyboard, 3G dongles.
  • Wi-Fi network mode.
  • 7 inch resistive touch screen (needed to reduce the pricing)

The tablet comes with a 2100mAh battery and can provide an easy backup of around 3-5hours depending upon usage. It supports all the Office and Adobe documents and can be customized by adding apps through Getjar instead of the conventional Android market. It already comes loaded with some essential educational apps and support from eminent educational institutes. Various apps of popular institutes are also expected to come up as the tablet gets more popular. Akash is quite internet friendly as it supports internet xHTML and java standards. Even separate software for YouTube is provided.

Commercially known as Ubislate 7, Akash is quite low in its technical configurations but the price always makes up for it. It is being made in India itself and it also fetches a 50% rebate for Indian school and college students. Datawind systems were previously known for “pocket surfer”, which is a PDA/ mobile internet device through which they provided economic internet access to its users. Similar internet plans are also expected to come for Ubislate 7 that can vary from 2GB for 2$ to other unlimited internet usage plans.

As this 7 inch wonder makes its ways to the market, Ubislate has also launched an upgraded version of the tablet which is Akash2 or Ubislate 7+. This model is almost 10$ or 500 INR more than the Akash and getting more attraction. It comes loaded with a 700MHz Cortex A-8 processor, a slot for SIM through which GPRS can be accessed and a more advanced Android 2.3 operating system. Even the battery is improvised at 3200mAH.Unlike the Ubislate 7, the 7+ gets to be manufactured in Taiwan which is electronic manufacturing hub for the world and hence doesn’t get a discount for the students. It is also expected that 7+ might offer a capacitive touch screen interface too which will then make it a dream tablet.

The Akash was announced in the month of October, 2010 and has been sold out till the month of March with the company having more than 1.4 million orders to fulfil. It is in this time that Akash 2 is getting widely popular and since it also provides facility of a phone, it is technically a strong competitor for all the popular tablets including the ipad2 and the playbook.  Ubislate 7+ has also received large amount of pre bookings and even though not officially on the website, people might have to wait for quite a while even after its launch in January end.

Datawind says that they are trying their best to get 70 to 75K tablets per day as the plant gets fully functional in April but that still is quite long time and the problems might arrive up when the inventories go down or the import rates go high.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. I like that, so beautifull...

  2. yayan1559 February 8, 2012

    this is a amazing tablet, but i think this design unattractive

  3. Jamaldeen Mohamed Aazeek February 8, 2012


    wow it's amazing, I want to know exactly how much in the market? where can I find this stuff?

  4. venkateswaran February 8, 2012

    please provide battery life of this godget

  5. Glenia Elnar February 9, 2012

    I really like to have that tablet.

  6. Oleg Malanka February 9, 2012

    muito bom!!

  7. adityabintang February 12, 2012

    i like it...
    so nice...

  8. I like the concept, but screen is too small. Just 7", but that would be = the price it has to be paid just Rs 2000

  9. like that, so beautifull...

  10. this is very nice!

  11. How much that would be? It seems to be a great buy.

  12. cheapest tab for indians

  13. Dipak shrestha March 2, 2012

    I want to bought this tablet .......

  14. This akash tablet is very cheap to buy..and can anyone can buy this tablet. Its has all feature that we have need. We can browse net play games, can do works,Business, its a all fun entertainment Tablet ..Well i nned this 🙂

  15. Aakash was cheap tablet in world with android 2.2.It was excellent ram 256mb. It has wifi. Calling and surfing functions also.good processor at price. I already booked it in online. but they was not started buying yet. there was delay.

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