Ultrabook HP Folio 13 – With HP CoolSense technology

With a thickness of about 18 mm and a HD BrightView display with 13.3 inch diagonal, HP Folio 13 weighs only 1.5 kg.

The first Ultrabook systems that are available from winter features the Intel Sandy Bridge generation. Have a slim design and immediately start using Intel Rapid Start technology.

Ultrabook's meant to be a very thin laptop - under 2cm thick, it cost under $1,000 (a feature that exceeds many producers), weigh under 1.4 pounds, will come equipped with the latest technology, the processor is starting from the second Core i3/i5/i7 generation and with as much autonomy as possible.


Under these criteria, HP launched Folio 13 and can say it is a special type. Most competing portables have the design similar to that found in MacBook Air. Few vendors have released ultrabook with a different design, and among them, there is HP. I was excited about all ultrabooks tested, but each came with advantages and disadvantages. To highlight them, we prepare a ranking regarding the first version of ultrabooks tested.

Back to HP Folio 13, it is slim, compact and has a similar design with HP Pavilion series, but combines elements of the ProBook business series. I appreciated the fact that the American manufacturer has implemented common elements and here we remember the brand and special keyboard with rounded edges, generous touchpad similar to that encountered on Pavilion models and a compact design.

The casing is solid, being constructed of aluminum and hard plastic. These materials have made the Folio 13 weigh about 1.5kg and have about 18mm thickness.

Technical Specifications

Inside we find a configuration based on Intel Core i5-2467M (1.6GHz - 2.3GHz) Sandy Bridge, 128GB SSD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 13.3 inch display with 1366 x 768 resolution LED-backlit display and Windows 7 Home Premium at 64 bit. Here we can mention that the display panel is the usual one without notable elements!

For those who have to work in low light conditions, HP Folio13 is provided with a backlit keyboard. A range of ports, including ports for RJ-45 connections, HDMI and USB 3.0 allows the flexibility to connect various peripherals. It may lack the SD card reader, very important in such portable!

One of the most interesting features of the new HP model is the HP CoolSense technology, a technology that uses elements of hardware and intelligent software to enable better cooling for the ultrabook. During tests, Folio 13 did not exceed 55 degrees to use 100%.


The model is mostly used for the office work - office, data processing, Internet, and multimedia - watching movies in HD and Full HD, listen to music, photos processed and edited videos. I have not tested it, but its configuration can run some new games without major hardware demands.

HP led the model to the business segment. In addition to technical specifications for a classic ultrabook, HP has implemented technologies such as TPM Embedded Security - protecting data from e-mail and information stored on the hard disk.

Officials said they are proud of this ultrabook, especially for the autonomy of up to 9 hours. Following tests of independence, we obtained 163 minutes in use 100% full screen brightness and Wi-Fi on and 401 minutes (about 6.6 hours) the reader with maximum screen brightness and Wi-Fi on. So the autonomy may reach up to 9 hours if the Wi-Fi is stoped and decrease the screen brightness.

The conclusion

HP Ultrabook Folio 13 is a model of personality. Comes with a good configuration based on Core i5 Sandy Bridge processor, enjoys TPM Embedded Security for data protection and offers portability and self-sufficient autonomy for a working day. The laptop isn't hot and can be kept even in your arms. It has moments when it becomes noisy at times of high use.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    Tiene un diseño minimalista y muy agradable a parte de que cuenta con características muy interesantes.

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  9. HP always create great and quality products, also with this laptop which equipped with the latest intel technology Intel Core i5-2467M, with this laptop we can do our office job quicker, efficiently, and fun, We can do data processing, Internet, and multimedia - watching movies in HD and Full HD, listen to music, photos processed and edited videos. Also we can run most latest games without major hardware problems.

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