The New MacBook Review – A Dream Of A Device

The New MacBook

The new MacBook comes with a 13.1 mm thickness, that is 4 millimeters thinner than the Macbook Air, received 12-inch Retina display, touchpad that provides haptic feedback (touch force technology), 8GB RAM and storage space of 256GB (or 512GB if you choose to pay more). The new MacBook has no internal cooler, being first of such in the history of Apple. The processor is an Intel Core M, which consumes very little power and it should be the strong point.

It's very nice to use something so thin and light, without having any second impression that you are dealing with a fragile gadget that can break on a sudden movement. In addition, we love that Apple turned to color after white and black MacBooks a few years ago. The new MacBook comes in gold, silver and "space gray" that has become a symbol of high-end products launched by Apple. Gold is but too ostentatious for me, but for those eccentrics likely this option is welcome.

When it comes to something so thin and small, you're probably wondering how the battery lasts. Autonomy is good and leads to somewhere to 11 hours, similar to the MacBook Air of 13-inch performance. It could lead to a day, but never with continued use. If you have a job that involves much writing, you could turn to another device.

I tried to use it and to this end the first days of conditioning, but I felt that the speed decreases as the number of tabs that I had to open were growing. However, the display will make you love movies, but after passing the Retina magic, you'll want a larger screen for this.

The New MacBook  2

The New MacBook - Pros Points

Design and portability attached to it has a weight of 900 grams, as we said, the main advantage of the new Apple product. You may put it in the bag for a few days and happen to quite often forget that you have it there. Basically, those from Apple created a computer as small as iPad Air 2, but with the benefits of a computer operating system in its own right.

The display is another strong point. The first time you use a Retina display, probably similar revelation occurs as a first love. Ordinary screens simply cease to be what they were. So, the new MacBook is a new cause for excitement for enthusiasts of pixel density. Color reproduction is good, regardless of light. Therefore, if you spend much time staring at the computer screen, MacBook will make you not look at it as a chore. Then, if you move to a regular laptop, you'll feel deep disappointment.

Sound quality is another aspect that impressed me and that's noteworthy. Apple has managed to introduce extraordinary speakers, despite its small size. Volumes also underwent a quite difficult task to do to convince the parents that you're not in the club, but in bed listening to music for recreation.

The New MacBook - Against Points

The presence of a single port (USB Type-C) is a sacrifice that may occasionally be disturbing, especially since it is a novelty for everyone not to have classic USB port. Of course you can always buy an adapter for 80 dollars, but that would be an extra expense. Apple expects that you will not need that USB port, whereas Macbook includes almost everything you need.

Touch force technology is able to differentiate between a light touch and a stronger one, which means that the possibilities of interaction with touchpad increase. By adding touch force, Apple was forced to give up the old structure trackpads were presses on the top was difficult.

The keyboard is very comfortable, and the keys race is too short. You could get used to, but it will take a while. So if you want a laptop to write much, might not be the best choice. An advantage would be, however, that pressing is silent, but this is not enough to compensate.

The new MacBook - Conclusion

Although it looks great, the new MacBook is an ideal tool for productivity. Of course, it encompasses and provides almost all the functions that you wish from a laptop, but, for example, MacBook Air launched in 2014 makes it better and for less money. Experience with MacBook is still pleasant, but it's hard to tell whether the pleasure comes from the performance or appearance and the impression you make with such a device.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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