Sony VAIO E 14P – Colorful and Well Equipped

Colorful laptops from Sony come with a new design. VAIO E 14P has a 14" screen and is available in three colors. It is built around Intel Core i5 and Core i3 processors and addresses to those who appreciate both the look and features.

When you see a Sony VAIO E series laptop you should not wonder if it has a colored casing. This is one from a series of features. I've first heart about this laptop on April, when there were official images and initial configuration. Compared with last year's VAIO models, the manufacturer chose less garish colors. There are colored keys on the sides and a colored band that spans the border of the housing.

Sony VAIO E 14P connectors are disposed on left and right sides. I appreciated the fact that the manufacturer was not chary at USB ports. On the contrary, we have two 2.0 types on the right side and two 3.0 types on the left side. With them we find two video outputs, HDMI and VGA, and two audio jacks of 3.5 mm. There are voices advocating for the elimination of the drive. In this case, there is enough room for it. The opening is done with a button at the bottom.

Sony VAIO E 14P's housing is constructed entirely of plastic. The base of the model is made of matte black plastic and provides access to HDD and RAM.


You can't find quick buttons on the keyboard and has a single light intensity. In the settings provided by the VAIO Control Center can be selected the backlight when the VAIO E 14P is powered by mains or battery.

Another lack of the keyboard can be the button to quickly activate/deactivate the network card. There isn't another switch on the side of the laptop, the only solution is to stop the wireless card access control panel in Windows. Fortunately, there is a on or off button for the touchpad. It has integrated buttons at the base and you can press to click. I was pleased with how the cursor can be controlled, but the two-finger scrolling is less accurate.


We didn't expect that the Sony VAIO e 14P screen to have a higher resolution than 1366x768. It is decent screen size. External filter is sleek and the maximum screen brightness is above average. Image quality is also good, we can find decent viewing angles. In games with more action I was pleased with the response time of the screen.


Sony VAIO E 14P is distinguished by the backlit keyboard and the large number of ports. It is one of the first portable on the market that integrates a USB 3.0 controller from Intel. Perhaps the most interesting feature offered by VAIO E 14P is support for gestures recognized by the webcam. The user can move the hand in front of the camera and a background application interprets these movements and translates them into commands. Unfortunately, these commands are limited in number and only works in Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 9, PowerPoint and PowerDVD.


Laptops with diagonal of 14" from Sony VAIO series are equipped with Intel Core i5 and Core i3. Only overseas users can opt for a model with Core i7. In this case we are dealing with an interesting configuration. Intel Core i3 is not very efficient, but the dedicated video card from ATI is able to run the latest games at decent resolution of the screen.


We expect better performance from the Sony VAIO E 14P in this chapter, but we can also be grateful for less. In tests conducted in the office environment, made using the Power Saver profile system, the battery is consumed in four hours and 20 minutes. The test consisted of drawing up documents, browsing the Internet using the wireless card and audio in the background, using a pair of headphones. Brightness was reduced to 65%.

Other issues

The cooling system of the Sony VAIO E 14P performs very well. He manages to keep rates at low temperature. Unfortunately, the noise from the fan at full speed is hard to ignore.


Sony VAIO E 14P is an attractive laptop for those who prefer something more colorful. Its facilities are more than decent, and those who want a higher level of performance can purchase the Intel Core i5 model. Its dedicated video card is more than enough for the average user, it easily run current titles. The integrated one help to achieve above-average autonomy. If the price is right, Sony VAIO E 14P could be a very good alternative for a portable at 15.6".

Pluses and minuses:

  • [+] Quality construction
  • [+] Illuminated keyboard
  • [+] Powerful dedicated video card is
  • [-] Cooling system is noisy under load

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    How much the price? Still have heating problem.

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  3. brigitte June 22, 2012

    Wow, wonderful and well equipped.

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    Sony VAIO is my favourite laptop. It is easy to use.

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    Sony always brings up good quality laptops..but still I would prefer it to have a bigger screen with less cost.

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