HP Spectre Envy 14 – An Amazing Ultrabook

We continue the series of reviews on ultrabooks with the exotic model from HP - HP Envy Spectre 14. American manufacturer is looking for solutions to revive the sales from the laptop area. Had a major failure with tablets, there were rumors that HP announced that it will focus more on the business segment and give up the PC division. Today we are pleased that the situation was not as black as some analysts seen it. The crisis really hit them. But in this madness they have managed to release a line of premium ultrabook as the HP Spectre.

HP Spectre series is divided into two parts - XT models and Envy models. If we look only in terms of configuration, the HP Spectre  Envy 14 brings nothing special. The model we tested was based on an Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2467M, 4GB DDR3 RAM, HD3000 integrated graphics and 128GB SSD. The models that will hit the market will enjoy the new Intel Ivy Bridge. For this reason we did not insist too much on synthetic tests and trying to understand the product more on everyday activities.

It is clear that HP sought to release one premium ultrabook, a product that stands out from the competition, something that is unique and so far has failed.

At first it felt a little strange reaction to the cover design. I was slightly disappointed by the fact that glossy cover gets dirty quickly. Most likely you'd think and that may be damaged, scratched etc. The situation is not so, the case is covered by a protective coating Gorilla Glass. After a few days of use, my perception changed for Envy 14 Spectre. I got rid of scratches, we concluded that no glossy areas are not overly obtrusive, but still of the opinion that it gets dirty quickly, at least when it comes to prints.

HP Spectre Envy 14 - CPU and operating system

HP Spectre Envy 14 is a stylish, durable laptop thanks to the materials it is made and enjoys a balanced configuration and performance. However the price seems quite big, although is not lacking in any Beats Audio - a powerful technology developed by HP in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre.

HP Spectre Envy 14 strengths:

  • + Very good and balanced configuration for ultrabook;
  • + Nice design, good quality materials;
  • + Good sound system - Beats Audio - a powerful technology developed by HP in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre;
  • + 14 inch screen, HD + 1600 x 900 pixels.

HP Spectre Envy 14 weaknesses:

  • - A limited number of USB ports;
  • - Gets dirty quickly;
  • - Quite a big price for a ultrabook.


HP Spectre Envy 14 was enthusiastically announced earlier this year. The first images of the ultrabook appeared at CES 2012, the Spectre Envy 14 was the center of attention. This was due to the special features that the American manufacturer has implemented.

I appreciated the fact that HP has released a stronger and more special ultrabook but I wasn't pleased with the glossy cover. But this can be subjective. Depending on individual tastes, glossy cover can be a plus or a minus.

Keyboard and touchpad

Lifting the lid we can find a full size keyboard, Chiclet type with large keys and well defined. I liked it because it is very easy to type and the keyboard is not noisy as other models. "Enter" is great, as well as directional keys. Does not come with numeric keypad, but is illuminated for better use in the dark.

The touchpad is large, generous, as we have seen at many models lately. Perhaps this will be the trend of 2012. The touch is more severe than the rest of the case and is covered with Gorilla Glass. The buttons are well defined on the touchpad. I have nothing to complain about. Is multi-touch, accurate and easy to use in combination with the keyboard. Normally I prefer a mouse, but the HP Spectre Envy 14 is also doing fine with the touchpad.


The screen is 14 inches and has a HD+ 1600 x 900 pixels resolution, the real name is HD+ Radiance Infinity. It comes coated with Gorilla Glass for protection from scratches and makes it even more rigid. The picture is nice, but faces the same problem as the casing.


The audio system is another strong point of this beautiful ultrabook. Beats Audio, a powerful technology developed by HP in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre, provides good sound quality. But the true value of system sounds in combination with a pair of Beats Audio headphones. Benefit from a touch screen to control the volume and sound settings.

The speakers are not far behind. Together with Beats Audio technology provides even a pleasant listening experience, superior to many models on the market, but not over the audio system Bang & Olufsen ICEpower and technology from ASUS Sonic Master.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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