HP ProBook 455 G2 – Powerful and Cheap Laptop

HP ProBook 455 G2, HP ProBook 455, HP

The HP laptops are known for the reliability of their offer. Unfortunately, often have prices steaper than its competition, which brought them out of the top producers, at least in some European markets.

Fortunately, not all HP laptops are expensive. Those from AMD make considerable efforts to compete with Intel's aggressive promotion, and that in many cases, translates into much lower prices for laptops equipped with these solutions. The best part? The performance of a laptop with AMD is cheaper than some models with Intel, although there are some minuses.

HP ProBook 455 G2 Introduction

It works on a quad-core A10-7300 and 1,9Ghz frequency and an AMD Radeon R6 graphics card. 4GB RAM is standard, but the model we tested had an additional module of 4GB, 8GB RAM ie as a total. Storage is 1TB and 15.6 inch display has a 1366 × 768 resolution.

The laptop comes with two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, one VGA, a card reader and a DVD-Writer. It also has a webcam with HD resolution, and a fingerprint reader.

HP ProBook 455 G2 Pros

Performance is the main strength of this device. A10 is equivalent to i5 processor providing sufficient performance for office work or for ordinary home users. The laptop moves very well in browsing and document editing, HD movie playback and photo editing are not at very high resolutions.

The design is still one thing that we liked. It has a sober design, which makes it perfect for office work. It combines a silver aluminum palm rest with a black plastic cap, rubber mat at touch. It is not very thick nor very heavy (2.2 kg), but the construction quite bothered us, which gives the impression that might break easily (with display).

The fingerprint sensor is a bonus those looking for a business laptop will appreciate, combined with Kensington Lock safety port.

HP ProBook 455 G2, HP ProBook 455, HP 2

HP ProBook 455 G2 Against Points

At multimedia chapter we have problems. The display has very good brightness, the contrast is relatively low, and the viewing angles are reduced. The speakers, although on paper enjoy DTS technology provides a low sound, lacking bass. There is a laptop for people who want to look more to movies than to work.

Autonomy is also a significant minus. We've managed to squeeze three hours of use. The brightness is set to 30% somewhere without Internet connection open only HD video and audio playback through headphones. With brightness at maximum and browsing, the laptop lasts about an hour and a half, and this is disappointing. When it comes to power consumption, Intel remains unconquered, which can offer laptops with enviable autonomy.

HP ProBook 455 G2 Conclusion

The device created by HP seems designed specifically for office work, and AMD is doing its job more than decent. We've found and Intel equivalent offer of this laptop. It's called HP ProBook 450 G2, has Intel Core i5 2,2Ghz processor and costs without reduction, $220 more. Given that, apart from the autonomy, the rest of minus points remain valid at the 450 model, the laptop tested by us should be the logical choice between the two. However, those who want a laptop with AMD which tends more towards to a premium device at a similar price, may opt for this Lenovo model.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    HP ProBook 455 G2 Conclusion This one is great piece of device that really works perfectly fine and works great. This is very cheap but the quality is the best.

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    Well, that laptop looks good. Great review!

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