HP Battery Overheating Problem : Inevitable Debacle?

Hewlett-Packard was having quite a time in the business as almost every product has been getting the review and the commercial response they wanted. Their latest laptop series, the G series is already quite popular among people and the features and the brand has stroked just the correct chord. Also, the South Asian market share got quite an increase in the present decade as compared to the last five years or so. However, the market plans of the company have been put to a halt by sudden massive battery overheating problem.

The company has been facing the sarcasm for battery overheating since long but never addressed the issues. Now, they are being forced to do so as now the batteries have officially been reported with rupture issues because of excessive overheating. This problem has resulted in several hazardous cases of fire and burn hazards to the users.

According to the reports, 50 of such incidents have been reported since last year where people have suffered injuries because of the overheating problem of the battery. As a result, the company has been forced to recall over 162000 laptop batteries that were manufactured between July 2007 and July 2008. Although HP did recall some thousand of batteries during the recent year, this has been the largest case where such a big number of lithium ion batteries have been recalled. The brands that have been recalled are HP Compaq, Compaq Evo, Compaq Presario, HP and HP Pavilion.
Right now the giant is quite occupied with the recalling process as it has set up a help line for the purpose and also the website has been loaded with a link which has been loaded with the battery bar codes which are expected to have or already have given such a problem. The batteries are being replaced free of cost and is expected that the major recalls would be from the western region of the world.

It has not been revealed that how the company will deal with the issues that already have happened and injured someone but speculations are there that HP is ready with the plans or is preparing a plan.
Since the overheating problem is not new in the technology world, HP hasn’t received that much of a setback and is still the same dominant in the hardware market. Previous battery overheating issues have been found in a number of gadget kings including Sony Vaio and Garmin Nuvi .These companies recalled a hefty number of products with Vaio calling over 535000 units and Garmin recalling 1.25 units all over the world.

It is however a big issue that how did the batteries come in the market if the companies claim the product to be properly checked and verified with HP taking such big steps and trying the hardest to solve the problem , it is still unclear that how many times such problems will be dealt by the consumers who after having quite a research on the product they need, invest their money and time to buy one but still cannot have the peace of a good buy.

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3 Responses to “HP Battery Overheating Problem : Inevitable Debacle?”

  1. Deepak June 17, 2011

    The problem with HP batter getting overheated is that the fan has been kept at the bottom.So you always keep you laptop on some surface so the heat releases from the fan cannot come outside and hence it heats the battery which is near to the fan.But this is not the case in other company laptops because the fan is in the side.

  2. Madan Gopal Kothari June 18, 2011

    Well iam using it from last 3 years but not faced any sort of heating problem of the battery.

  3. yeah thats the same prob with my lappy ..

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