Dell XPS 15 L502x – An Amazing Laptop with JBL Audio System

The Dell XPS 15 L502x is a new generation of portable and comes equipped with Intel processors from Ivy Bridge Series.

Dell did not choose the best design for this range of laptops. The thickness is between 3.2 cm and 3.8 cm, while the increasing number of vendors trying to make models as thin and light, Dell released a rather large laptop. Only the gaming ones are larger because they come equipped with a ventilation system configurations extent.

Dell XPS 15 L502x can be based on Intel Core i5 at 2.3GHz, Nvidia GT 525M graphics card and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. Taking into account the audio system, we preferred to talk more about this laptop from the multimedia segment: A regular user listens to music online or on CD, watches videos in Full HD, "plays" more or less editing audio and video. Dell XPS 15 L502x doesn't disappoint us in this aspect.

I appreciated the JBL audio system performance. It is not higher than Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio system from the ASUS N55, but surely ranks second. I was also impressed by its autonomy, which is about 3 hours in normal use. In gaming, complex applications, rendering and playback Full HD autonomy drops to about 1.5 hours. Pretty good for such a laptop with a 6 cell battery.

And I would not want to miss a 15.6 inch display. I can say that is one of the best I've seen. It has a 1920 x 1080 Full HD, but with RGB-LED LCD technology, the images are displayed clear, colors are well defined.

Dell XPS 15 L502x strengths:

- Quality Materials;

- Good configuration and price;

- Complete and illuminated keyboard;

- Large palmrest;

- Technology Waves MaxxAudio and JBL audio system;

- High quality audio system + subwoofer;

Dell XPS 15 L502x weaknesses:

- Voluminous, with a thickness between 3.2 cm and 3.8 cm;

- Heavy for a 15.6 inch laptop - 2.7 Kg;

- No keypad - for me it is important;


Dell XPS 15 L502x doesn't have a modern design. I think that is old fashioned, too big, too thick. However with fine lines, the contrast between gray and black combination of used materials. The laptop is a combination of colors and materials. Dell XPS 15 L502x meets a resistant plastic and aluminum. The cap is a brushed aluminum, which no footprints remain, but it is too monotonous. Dell has solved this problem and put caps in different colors. The back cover is a black bar about 5 cm wide and is marked with a XPS logo.

Lifting the lid, we will find a classical keyboard, typical Dell laptop of XPS range, a large palmrest and speaker areas. Its JBL audio system consists of two boxes in the left and right side of the keyboard plus a subwoofer located on the bottom of the laptop. The speakers are covered with brushed aluminum grilles. Is in contrast with the keyboard.

I liked the keyboard. It consists of large buttons, well-defined and hard. Even if there are noisy at fast typing, they do their job as well.

At the top are three touch buttons. The first button launches the Windows Mobility Center. Through it, you can set the connections, brightness display and keyboard, the wireless etc. The second button is customizable and you can set what you want on it. The third button launches the Dell Audio by Realtek. Through it you can set the audio, so you can adjust the volume.

The touchpad is large and well defined. The area is sensitive and has a precise touch. At the bottom are the two usual buttons that plays the role of the mouse.

I liked the picture offered by its Full HD 15.6 inch screen. It was a pleasant experience. Colors are well defined, contrast is very good, and the screen offers good viewing angles. Β I can say that these are due to the RGB-LED LCD display technology.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. Great stuff...I'm thinking of buying a laptop soon...this info will sure come handy to me..thanks πŸ™‚

  2. I.R.K.Seneviratne April 17, 2012

    I love that laptop, I hope to buy that recently..., I think Dell is the best brand in laptop

    • im watching on my xps 15, and it has the exact same comnenopts: 6 gb ram, nvidia gt540m etc xD. I can confirm what this review is telling: the speakers are great, good qualitity for high performance tasks, but it is noisy sometimes when you're playing games like Black Opps an Crysis 2. I find it easy to use and I also give my laptop a 4/5

  3. sandesh April 17, 2012

    Dell SPX dose not have a modern structure.It is quiet heavy.It keyboard is quite nice because it has big keypads.Its picture quality is full HD 15.6 inch screen.Its audio quality is quite better as it contains JBL audio system.

  4. POOJA PANT April 17, 2012

    Dell XPS 15 L502x with 2.3GHz processor Intel Core i5, Nvidia GT 525M graphics card and 4GB of DDR3 RAM appears good to me but has certain limitations. Ideally a portable laptop displays a screen size of 14 inches and contrary to this screen size of 15.6 inches is quite large. Next the sound quality and the looks are pretty decent but its keyboard has large buttons which at times look odd. Overall a system with this configuration and more positive features is not a bad choice at all.

  5. nice laptop i wanna buy it right now

  6. its nice laptop and i wanna buy it right now

  7. mitchi5 April 18, 2012

    it's really amaizing laptop I like it
    and I have one in my house
    quality of full screen is high
    with high quality audio

  8. I think JBL is the best Audio system...what your's ????

  9. leofx2012 April 19, 2012

    this will be great with jbl sounding...

  10. vienquockhanh2 April 19, 2012

    so nice, i like it^^

  11. its really fabulous. i want to purchase it as soon as possible.

  12. Earn More April 20, 2012

    wow cool i would like to have one

  13. Nice

  14. AlexMMXI April 22, 2012

    I love this laptop, thanks for info.

  15. Naresh Kumar A April 22, 2012

    Nice laptop to buy.

  16. I Like is very much πŸ™‚ And The Name of Brand Dell πŸ™‚

  17. Really cool πŸ™‚

  18. very beautiful,nice

  19. yes it is very nice with advanced features
    my friend use this laptop for multimedia purpose

  20. it's a very nice design,I will buy it πŸ™‚

  21. Celio Cruz April 29, 2012

    Dell always doing great job... nice designe. Congratulations.

  22. dell rocks..\m/

  23. suresh May 15, 2012

    once again dell showed its power...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bojan I. May 24, 2012

    It's really amazin :)))) Great !!!!

  25. mahadi June 13, 2012

    i think this laptop looks kind of great.if i buy one i will definitely purchase this one πŸ™‚

  26. Darkside August 24, 2012

    It was a complete mess to buy this computer ... They have replaced its motherboard four times already, and they will replace it once more because after a few weeks it starts crashing in video games. Never buy DELL

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