ASUS Zenbook N501J – Top Powerful 2015 Laptop

ASUS Zenbook Pro N501J

Most likely you have not heard much about ASUS Zenbook Pro N501J. That's because it has not yet reached the stores, but we managed to take a look at it.

Among laptops that we have tested (laptops, not 2-in-1), we were able to identify three categories: those who doesn't excel in anything (working low-end or mid range and not much else), those who excel at performance (business or gaming) and those that excel in design (designed to catch the eye more than draw the brunt).

Well, Zenbook Pro N501J manages to excel in both performance and design, and this is very rare. Although gaming laptops have interesting shapes and colors, but also enviable performance, you could rarely see a serious person taking out a ROG in the middle of a meeting.

Zenbook Pro N501J is one that fits in the office, in vacation and also in the bedroom, and living room. The simple metal design has a great impact, especially since we are talking about a thin and silent gadget. To gives you an idea about the N501J model, you should know that it has a 15.6 inch 4K display, a 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-4720HQ of 16GB RAM, 320GB SSD and Nvidia Geforce GTX 960m video card with 4GB RAM. It has a card reader, three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI and a display port.

Edit video and gaming without hiccups

We mostly work with multiple files, with several layers of video and audio, and my laptop more lies than to move, with Zenbook Pro N501J we reduced editing time in half and without feeling any second that if a new effect is introduced, might to significantly hinder my performance.

In gaming, only good words. If N501J is running any title at maximum or near maximum details we tested this with GTA V. About titles like World of Tanks or League of Legends there are no reasons to say anything, because they demand too low to be considered obstacles to this configuration.

The only problem to "starved" activities of resources as the laptop heats up considerably, but this is due, most likely, because we did not test a finished product. Given that we haven't never heard the laptop's cooler, it is possible that this to be set at a lower speed in BIOS, which does not face the processor.

ASUS Zenbook Pro N501J 2

Multimedia at home

Experienced users have already realized that, because it's a range N laptop, it's a multimedia laptop. ASUS has taken care of this by using the 4K touch panel.

The laptop is perfect for when you're too tired to watch a movie on the big TV in the living room with a pleasant contrast and vibrant colors, providing a perfect picture in Full HD movies. The only minus is connected to the display brightness, which is not very high, and if it happen for the light to beat directly in the shiny glass layer, it would come up as a bad situation.

The speakers are positioned at the bottom, sides and although you will not party with them, you'll be able to watch a movie without problems without a set of speakers connected. The sound is clear and there is even a bit of bass, though not very much.

Office work is doing very well and can be carried easily in meetings. The little problem lies in touchpad (not accurate) and keyboard, to be pressed a little louder than you'd expect.


Since it is equipped with a processor that consumes a lot, we did not expect the laptop to have a very good battery. However, we were surprised to get 4-5 hours of video playback, with brightness set somewhere halfway. The same results we have achieved on lite browsing and editing in Office programs.

We know that ultrabooks doesn’t resist this much, despite their processors, and this is a great addition to Zenbook Pro N501J, especially when talking about a gadget with 4K touch screen.

A laptop which reconciles everyone

ASUS Zenbook N501J is a laptop that has something for everyone and the price is not very high. Minuses that I mentioned above might not be seen them in the final versions.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  4. kosopo3 August 26, 2015

    (Personal Computers) The ASUS A53-AS31-RD is a very good general pupsore laptop. It works well with productivity applications, web browsing and basic photo editing. It multitasks well (playing music and working on Office applications). The area around the keyboard and touchpad and the top are each textured; that and the dark red color keep this machine from being a fingerprint magnet: good design!Ports include an SD media slot, a LAN connection, three USB ports and HDMI out. Battery life is average; around 3 hours out of the box, although you can probably coax more out of it with adjustments in the Windows 7 control panel or the included ASUS desktop power management gadget. Out of the box it was relatively free of unwanted bloatware or trial versions of programs (kudos to ASUS for that).This computer does not ship with recovery media; you'll need four DVDs when you run its built-in utility to create your own recovery kit (do this first!).Overall, this is a solid laptop that should serve well for all but the most demanding computing needs. The color breaks it from the packs of black, silver and white machines out there! Watch for deep discounts to make this unit even more attractive.Note: this machine's default hard drive configuration includes two logical partitions, with about 75% devoted to a "D" drive for data. I used Windows disk management tools to shrink that volume and restore all the free space to the "C" drive. This is just my preference, but it can help avoid issues with applications that struggle to remember "non-C-drive" locations for storing data files.

  5. Really great features... Best at its price!

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