Asus K53SV – With Intel Sandy Bridge

Asus K53SV is part of the new generation of K laptops. Is based on Horon River platform and comes equipped with Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7-2630QM. It offers very good performance at reasonable prices.

The new ASUS K notebooks, presented at CeBIT 2011, unleash the power of the second generation of Intel processors based on the Huron River and graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 500. Through these facilities, these portable devices are providing accelerated operating experience and better performance in multitasking, multimedia and games. These laptops are for all budgets and tastes come in all configurations.

Configuration is based on Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7-2630QM (32nm, 2.0GHz), Nvidia GeForce GT540 with 1GB DDR3 video memory, 500GB HDD and 4 GB DDR3 RAM.

K series models are covered with aluminum textured giving an individual touch and a unique look, both in brown and the silver version. Integration of the exclusive technology IceCool ASUS increases comfort as you type, your palm rest remain always cool. The new models come equipped with a chiclet type keyboard - IF Awards Award winning, intuitive multi-touch touchpad, Palm Proof technology, ASUS Power4Gear technology.

Together make from the new Asus K notebooks, rather more than just budget products. Asus K53SV impressed not only by technology, but also in appearance. The design is much more attractive and polished compared to its previous generations. It is thinner and weighs 2.6Kg. We cannot speak of an ultra portable laptop, but is not hard if you take it after you to the office. K53SV Asus comes with a setup worthy of a desktop replacement.

Asus K53SV Strengths:

  • Metal housing, quality materials
  • Strong configuration
  • Chiclet type Keyboard with NumPad included
  • Large palmrest
  • ASUS IceCool Technology
  • Price


Asus K53SV Weaknesses:

  • There isn't USB 3.0
  • Glossy Screen


Appearance and construction - Asus K53SV

Textured aluminum panels that cover K-series laptops serve a dual purpose. They stand up to intensive use and retain their brilliance for a long time having a business stylish look in brown or silver. For users interested in portable classic look, the new ASUS K models are a solid balance between design and performance.

As I said, Asus K53SV enjoys its ASUS IceCool technology. It is based on the location of internal components that are generating heat (such as CPU and graphics core) away from the user interaction. Fans and IceCool's heat pipe cools the laptop when they are used and the temperature of the palm rest remains under the body. The IceCool technology virtually eliminates the unpleasant sensation that is occurring on standard notebooks during prolonged use.

Asus K53SV also integrates the ASUS Palm Proof technology that detects unintentional touching of the touchpad, preventing the cursor movement, with chiclet-type keyboard, winner of the IF, with large keys and good tactile feedback. Based on this, the new notebook is ideal for everyday users to type quickly. The performance level achieved by Asus K53SV is a big one, specific of the current configurations for media environment, and even dedicated to gaming.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. pollob June 4, 2011

    i m using K series asus laptop. that is awesome.

  2. alexxxa June 4, 2011

    i like it

  3. Nice and elegant' my preferred unit for work and for personal use!

  4. JUNTER July 21, 2011


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