Asus G750JX – A Perfect Laptop For Gamers

Asus has much experience in gaming laptops. Series G is for a few generations and is now integrated market in Republic of Gamers range. I do not think I would have to explain which groups of users are addressed to. I want to stress that it was almost impossible to find a weak spot on Asus G750JX.



A good recipe can be used whenever needed. That is why Asus did not change very much on the laptop as a whole. The two rear ventilation areas have been retained, but have been moved close to the sides compared with the previous model. The hinges are not visible when the display is open, being located at some distance from the rear side of G750JX. The keyboard and touchpad are integrated into a single pane aluminum, very nice finish. These are observations that a user makes when making first contact with a laptop for gaming.

Asus G750JX connectors are located on the left side and the right. It would be the height of the manufacturer to do the economy and not to provide four USB 3.0 ports. Together with them we find HDMI and VGA video vents, LAN jack and two audio outputs. On the left side we have a card reader. The surprise comes in the form of a Thunderbolt connector, which I've seen so far on Apple portables. Offering a bandwidth up to 10 Gbps, it is compatible with a limited number of top peripheral. Above the screen is a webcam, flanked by two microphones. Republic of Gamers logo on the screen lid is illuminated, but not ostentatious.

Asus G750JX design is clean and well rennet, but two components has suffered. It took me some time to find the laptop speakers. One is on the lower side, but that only emits bass. Such laptop has a 2.1. The principal speakers are at the screen in line with the hinges. They must emit the sound in a relatively narrow slot. We will see later how it affects their performance.

Keyboard and touchpad

For those in a hurry, keyboard and touchpad are excellent for a gaming laptop. Asus understood that this interface is very important for a player and gave buttons with a long distance of 2.5 mm. Feedback is very good to touch and makes you think about what Lenovo offers on the top segment. In addition, the keyboard is slightly tilted forward, what makes it more ergonomic. As a user that writes very quickly, I can say that using them was a pleasure. Because space is sufficient, Asus G750JX has a touchpad that is very generous.


Asus G750JX is a gaming laptop. Logic says that the screen has to perform well in games first. Asus surprised me with its G750JX panel. At first contact with it, the panel seems to have colors specific to its IPS. How angles of vision are usually definitive, I checked on them. They are higher than in a normal TN matrix, but not as large as an IPS display. Looking for more information about this topic I found that Asus used a TN matrix with optimal viewing angles and a larger extended gamut.



  • Display: 17.3", 1920x1080, TN, extended gamut
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4700HQ, 2.4 GHz, 6 MB cache, 3.4 GHz Turbo, quad core, 22 nm, 47 W TDP
  • Chipset : Intel HM87 Express
  • Dedicated GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M , 3 GB GDDR5
  • RAM: 24 GB


Arguably Asus G750JX laptop has perfect features for gaming. The manufacturer has used one of the most advanced mobile processors with a catalog price of $380. With native quad-core, 6 MB cache and a 2.4GHz base frequency, promises rare performance on the laptop market. The cooling system must cope with a TDP of 47 W, a very high value to the 11-15-17 W that we meet on ultrabooks. Lack of integrated video card is specific for performance processors from Intel. Usually they are made ​​with video cards or high end of the middle class, and autonomy is important for systems in which are integrated.

The most powerful mobile video card with a single GPU from Nvidia is GeForce GTX 780m. This laptop will be provided with it, but the model we tested came with the model immediately below the GeForce GTX 770M. You still see that it was not necessarily a problem and the portable gaming behavior is excellent. Performance is supported by the fact that the video card is equipped with GDDR5 memory. As for RAM, the manufacturer has been very generous. 24 GB is a trifle to the total price of the portable.

I said earlier that Asus G750JX has the best configuration in terms of storage. The casing is ample with enough room for two hard drives and the manufacturer offered a 256 GB SSD and a 750 GB HDD. This means that there is enough room for both the operating system and related applications, as well as several games on its SSD. 750GB HDD is suitable for movies, music, photos and everything else.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  19. thats what we call AweSoMe....!
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