Acer Aspire 1825PT – An Amazing 2-in-1 Model

Acer Aspire 1825PT is, apparently, an 11.6 inch mini laptop with a sleek, simple and pleasant design. But this model is totally special. Model shown is a mini convertible laptop in tablet PC, and is available on the market in two colors - red and black.

How does Acer Aspire 1825PT look?

Acer Aspire 1825PT features a unique design, convertible, which allows you to use both as a netbook and tablet PC. It is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen display of 11.6 inch LED LCD WXGA, but with an accelerometer that automatically rotates images! Can act as a portable cinema, a photo frame or a tool.

Although we were familiar, from Asus, with this type of product, this model has managed to impress us from the outside in, but also by the ease with which can be used either as a netbook and tablet PC.

At such a hybrid portable, the most important is the display and Acer has paid great attention to the screen installed on the Aspire 1825PT. To show accuracy and ease of touchscreen that can be handled, the manufacturer has not introduced the stylus. We must not push too hard to run different applications, draw, write, etc. Compared to the Asus T101MT, at the chapter touchscreen the model from Acer is better. Before you should use it, it is better to calibrate using the software provided by Acer.

The display is attached to the body netbook with a single hinge, thereby allowing rotation of 180 degrees and fold over the keyboard. Note: rotation is in one sense, it was also marked in the netbook. And because I brought up the keyboard, this is 100% full size, ergonomic, soft touch keys. There aren't very well defined and are more likely without knowing it to press the wrong key, but if you're used to a normal keyboard, then you can type without problems. The touchpad is classic, large enough and responds well to commands.

What about the Acer Aspire 1825PT performance?

The 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo processor makes good team with 4500MHD integrated graphics card, but with the 4 GB DDR 3 with HDD. Yet Windows was not too happy with the graphics card and only scored it at 3.2, but the processor has received 4.1. For those who were skeptical about the performance of this processor, I would like to announce that Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor is quite good. Made to our requests for multimedia, office, internet and even run some games. As a netbook-tablet PC with 11.6-inch display didn't not forced the latest games or professional video renderings.

It’s HDD impressed by its performance. With an average transfer of about 52 MB/s and access time of only 17.5 ms, this hard drive from Western Digital it is among the fastest so far from our reviews. Even if it is only 5400 rpm and a large enough capacity - 320GB.

The conclusion is that ...

Acer Aspire 1825PT is a 2-in-1 model highly successful. If you want a 11.6-inch netbook, I recommend it. And if you want a tablet PC, then I also recommend it. The performances are good, the product is resistant, has an elegant, robust and innovative design. You'll quickly get comfortable with its capacitive touchscreen display and get used to it. Operating system with preinstalled software package will ease your daily work activities.

Acer 1825PT strengths:

  •  Capacitive touchscreen display;
  •  Elegant design, robust and use of quality materials;
  •  HDMI port and running HD material;


Acer's weaknesses 1825PT:

  •  Glossy display used in normal way reflects the images;
  •  Price;

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. MANMOHAN REDDY September 10, 2011

    good review...

  2. this is agoodlaptop ilike this. this is good quality product

  3. Sreekant Kurup September 12, 2011

    This is a new generation laptop,it also have a good features,i like the product

  4. This notebook is amazing! I have an Acer Aspire and it's good! I love it!

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  8. Looks Cool
    Works Cool
    Is Cool!!

  9. This mini laptop is really amazing, I want to buy 1 to replace my acer aspire one..:) the features is really cool very modern..

  10. wintersnake September 15, 2011

    Great! I will buy 1

  11. Acer laptops are good and it lasts longer

  12. alexandur1986 September 16, 2011

    i think Acer are good laptop and im very happy with mine

  13. Peter Petkov September 16, 2011

    WOW looks awesome 😀

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  26. randomschoolgirl February 13, 2012

    does anyone know how to take photos on this laptop?? is there an in-built application that allows you to take pic? if not, could anyone suggest a program to download that is helpful?? thankyou please answer ASAP

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