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Nexus 7: The New Tablet

The tablet market has become extremely competitive. This is after the launch of many classes of tablets by the different firms. The most renowned of them all is the well famous Apples iPad. The product has received critical acclaim for [...]

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What Puts You at Risk for Identity Theft?

10 Million people have been victims of identity theft to date. In this digital age, technology allows us to transfer information farther and faster than ever before. As such, it is harder to secure that information from prying eyes. Stolen [...]

Read More helps maximum growth of your Social Network naturally and fast

Any webmaster concerned about the growth of his or her social network may find visiting and using services of extremely useful. Within a short span of using these services they will notice the marked difference in their social networks [...]

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NVIDIA 3D Vision is available on YouTube

Firefox, along with the 3D Vision technology offers a truly impressive 3D viewing experience for videos based on open standards like HTML 5. "Vision 3D technology from NVIDIA is a good example of the rich experience that Firefox offers software [...]

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Social networking websites is shrinking the physical distance

Social Networking

Social networks today prove to be the main lifeline in contacting a person these days. It’s more an e-socialising and it is such a force that people do most of their living through websites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace and Twitter. [...]

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Ipad Apps Can Now Be Integrated to Work With Facebook

Facebook SDK

Facebook has announced about their update on the iOS SDK, which now allow Ipad apps to be intregated into Facebook to be work on It.The new SDK provides access to the new Graph API and utilizes oAuth Technology. The newly [...]

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Twitter Bug – Now You Can Tweet More than 140 Characters

Twitter Bird Logo

Twitter had a bug running in their system, which recently allowed Twitter users to Tweet more than 140 characters. Great Right? Thanks to the bug, but, many of the Mobile devices and 3rd party apps are built in to show [...]

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Football Fever On Twitter – Twitter Over Capacity – Too Many Tweets

Football Fever ? Yeah, Today as the Football Worldcup has been hosted and started in South Africa, the celebration turns all over the world. All social networks runs hot on the one and only topic Football Cup :). No matter [...]

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Bipasha Basu Hot Scene Video on YouTube – Watch It

Today am announcing a category for Videos which is not belonging to the stuffs we used to deal, i.e Tech, Gadgets, Blogs or any of Those. Here goes the First Video. BipashaBasu Hot Video On Youtube. Watch It out here.The [...]

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3 Best And Needed Greasemonkey Scripts For Orkut Users

GreaseMonkey is a Cool and highly functional firefox addon which enhance the browsing experience for the user into a completely special level. Read More about Greasemonkey Here. It has  a lot of  functional script which enhances the Orkut experience for [...]

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