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Redirecting Http to Https (SSL) Using Apache Htaccess Redirection Rules

Http to Https Redirection

SSL is a premium feature which all hosts provides specially upon request. For people who deals with Websites which are for Buy/Sell, or simply Ecommerce, SSL would be a required feature. SSL adds security to the browsing session since no [...]

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Conditional CSS – For Internet Explorer – 5 Easy Methods

CSS, or the Cascaded Style Sheets provide the layout, the looks and proper hold on the web pages and make it beautiful, or even cool, or even Professional. Web Designers face a lot of challenges, or simply they have to [...]

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Prevent Copy Theft : Disable Right Clicking in The site (Java Package)

Content Robbing is now a common scene on the Web Now. There are thousands of copied posts and they are getting multiplied each and everyday and all the things going on are just making our hardwork on to vein.The articles [...]

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