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How to Make a Simple Animated Movie with Pictures in Mac


Have you ever wanted to make your own animated movie? In fact, it's not as difficult as you think. This article will give your some instructions on how to make a simple animated movie in Mac. Prepare the photos for [...]

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Intel 3rd Generation Processors

The launch of core generation of processors has given Intel an extra edge over its competitor AMD and is certainly used in all kinds of computers including laptops and high capacity servers. Core 2 Duo and 2nd generation i3, i15 [...]

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Conditional CSS – For Internet Explorer – 5 Easy Methods

CSS, or the Cascaded Style Sheets provide the layout, the looks and proper hold on the web pages and make it beautiful, or even cool, or even Professional. Web Designers face a lot of challenges, or simply they have to [...]

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Photoshop CS5 Extended To Be Launched on Photoshop's 20th Anniversary

All new Photoshop CS5 Extended gets ready to be launched on the 20th anniversary of Photoshop. New features in Photoshop CS5 extended are: Easy 3D extrusions done with Adobe Repoussé Quick & better shadow creation and image-based lights A library [...]

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