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Cleaning Up WordPress Comments | Mass Deleting WordPress Spam Comments | Mass Deleting WordPress Comments

Wordpress Comment Delete

Have 1000+ Comments to be deleted on your Blog? And Bored of doing 20-20-20 Deleting from the Dashboard which could take you hours? Here is a Quick go to delete your Comments, No matter whether they are Spams, Approved or [...]

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WordPress Modification / Hack To Avoid Spam Comments – Manage WordPress Comment By Referer Hack

Wordpres Spam Comments

All WordPress blogs face a potential threat from Spam Comments. WordPress even comes with a comment managing plugin , as they are too sure about it. WordPress Comment system has been the same since its previous versions, which gave a [...]

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WordPress – WordPress Address And Site URL Accident Edit Problem Resolved

Wordpress Problems - Site URL

Hi, For this post, the title says it all. I have heard of many who have accidently changed his WordPress URL or Site URL in the WordPress Dashboard General Settings and hence making the site down. For as currently, there [...]

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How To Remove Sidebar From WordPress Post Pages

Removing Sidebar from Wordpress Pages

Many people who uses WordPress finds it annoying seeing sidebars on the Post pages. People want Post pages to be a Content only Page most of All. Or Even, they may have tried putting Adsense into sidebars, and thus Ads [...]

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WordPress Default Htaccess File – Replace Yours When You Run Out at Editing

Well,  as the title says, this is just to share the default Htaccess file to use or replace, when you run out with errors while trying to work with URL redirects or Trailing Slash Modifications or even Extension Hiding. Once [...]

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Spam Protection Plugins For WordPress – Get a 100% Safe And Secure Blog

One Of the Real Headache of the Blog Owners are the Spam Comments which is shed on the blog for the purpose of Backlinks and Page Ranks for the Suspects URL to grasp more exposure to their site via Search [...]

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Autoblogging – Whats Hot Now? Select The Top Paying And Traffic Niches For Your Autoblog

Auto blogging is one of the latest trend, what all are upto.  Auto blogging simply suggests what it is meant by the word, it does the blogging work for us, and we dont have to care about it anymore. Auto [...]

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How To : Recover WordPress Administrator Password Without Email (Via Hosting Using PhpMyadmin)

Wordpress needs a Username and Password for opening the access to its administration panel. The Administrator simply goes to the login page, and tap the username and password and login is done, and he gets the control. Recovering the Administration [...]

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