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Samsung Galaxy Gear – Ideal Companion For Smartphone Or Just An Expensive Toy?

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Part of a new SmartWatch generation, Galaxy Gear is proposed as an extension to the Samsung tablet or pocket, able to take over the flow of notifications and run custom Android applications. Beyond similarities with various futuristic gadgets captured in [...]

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Sony QX10, A Pocket Camera For Your Mobile Phone


The idea of ​​a performance increase of mobile cameras with external goals is not new to iPhone users having part of a series of accessories of this type. Unlike manufacturers who focused only on optical Sony had the idea of [...]

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Sony DSC-HX50V – When You Need 30x Optical Zoom In Your Pocket

Sony DSC-HX50V

Until recently, a 30x optical zoom lens was found on a pretty high camera. The term used was "bridge", a device that seemed to make the connection between compacts and DSLR's, although it did not fit into any of these [...]

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Philips 298P4 – The Ultra Wide Monitor Made For Professionals

Philips 298P4

Those who have followed the monitors market lately observed the emergence of extremely strange patterns. I am talking about ultra wide monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Initially, this report should be used for LCD TVs, created especially for moviegoers. [...]

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Hp Mp6, Hp Mp4 Digital Signage Players

Hp Mp6, Hp Mp4 Digital Signage Players

New digital signage players have been announced by HP that they expect will attract customers to the retail centers. With the introduction of the device they aim to create interactive and compelling store experiences. HP has announced a couple of [...]

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Roccat Kave – 5.1 Aound in a Comfortable Format

Roccat Kave

Usually the 5.1 sign is attached to a sound system with multiple speakers. It may position the sound in better space than a two-speaker system. It is strange to say that a pair of headphones are 5.1, but not for [...]

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ME Electronics A151 Headphone Review

ME Electronics A151

A headphone in combination with good music seems to be a great boon for the music lovers. Among the recent electronic gadgets inventions, the headphones seem to be one of rarest inventions of its kind, which are used by all [...]

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Experience Amazing Sound Quality with Philips Fidelio M1 Headphone

Philips Fidelio M1 Headphones

Experience the world of amazing music and sound technology through Philips Fidelio MI headphones. The stylish look of the device will simply turn you on at the first glimpse itself. The black plastic ear cup of the device certainly helps [...]

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Experience the Blasting and Heart-Throbbing Sound of New iPod Touch Fifth Generation (2012)

Apple iPod Touch 2012

Enjoy a completely new experience of enthralling performance and blasting musical effect on the new iPod Touch (2012). The mesmerizing effect of the music is so enthralling that you will be floored by the performance of the new gadget by [...]

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Experience Amazing Musical Pleasure With Cowon Z2 Plenue

Cowon Z2 Plenue

Enjoy superior quality of sound and music with the device from Cowon. The portable music player is powered with Android Gingerbread and the model resembles just that of the mobile phone. Even the speaker of the mp3 player is positioned [...]

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