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Magical Pen to Screen for disease

Pregnancy is the most important phase that happens in every woman’s life and there are so many complications that she has to face all through the procedure. And because of these complications factors many pregnancy deaths are occurring. This is [...]

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Rehabilitation of your Paralyzed Hands with the Amazing Gadget- NESS H200

NESS H200 Hand Rehabilitation System

When damages are caused in the nerves in the hands then you might experience damages even in the sensory nerves which dictates motor nerves, sense of touch which helps in the instigate movement. This leads to hand paralysis which causes [...]

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Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier – Maximize the Purity of Air in your Home and Car

Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier

It is very essential to keep the quality of the indoor air clean and pure. The air borne pollutants and viruses present in the air affects the quality of air that we breathe. Numerous studies have revealed that the quality [...]

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iPosture : Electronic Gadget To Improve Your Posture

iPosture is a small gadget, sizing nearly 1 inch in diameter, which allows us to improve our posture. It works on a Coin sized battery which makes it work all the time throughout, alerting us about our posture. It should [...]

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