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iPhone 8 Will Be A Revolution in OLED Display

As the year 2017 is coming to an end, iPhone fans from all over the world are on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the release of the latest model in this amazing Apple smartphone series. Like so [...]

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The Best 2017 has to offer in terms of DSLR

The digital camera market has been getting more competitive with each year and new manufacturers are joining in the competition each year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since all camera manufactures have moved from creating compact cameras over to [...]

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Panasonic Lumix FZ300 Review – 4k Resolution At Cheap Prices

When Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 debuted, its superzoom was a revelation. While other companies struggle with bigger and bigger zoom lens the megapixel battle was in the peak of its deployment, FZ200 has come up with a distinctive approach. It emerged [...]

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Sony a6000 – Excellent Mirrorless System With Powerful Focus

In the digital photography age, mirrorless cameras have created a revolution. The original purpose was to give fans an excellent photo quality in a compact format. With them, the producers have attracted those users who did not want the size [...]

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Sony Alpha A7 – New Photo Quality Level in Mirrorless Format

Sony has surprised many when released RX1, a full frame sensor camera that easily fit in the compact range in terms of its size. I did not think then that the RX1 will be more than an experiment. Sony has [...]

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How to Make a Simple Animated Movie with Pictures in Mac


Have you ever wanted to make your own animated movie? In fact, it's not as difficult as you think. This article will give your some instructions on how to make a simple animated movie in Mac. Prepare the photos for [...]

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Sony QX10, A Pocket Camera For Your Mobile Phone

The idea of ​​a performance increase of mobile cameras with external goals is not new to iPhone users having part of a series of accessories of this type. Unlike manufacturers who focused only on optical Sony had the idea of [...]

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Sony DSC-HX50V – When You Need 30x Optical Zoom In Your Pocket

Sony DSC-HX50V

Until recently, a 30x optical zoom lens was found on a pretty high camera. The term used was "bridge", a device that seemed to make the connection between compacts and DSLR's, although it did not fit into any of these [...]

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In-car Camcorders – Recommendations

The high traffic in general has generated a new camcorder valence (until recently only searched on filmed holidays or weekend walks): Records from your vehicle. Some drivers are already aware of this trend and, aware of potential adverse events from [...]

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Choosing Lenses – Recommendations for Amateurs

If you like to take photos, you could definitely realize that a cheap camera (or the mobile phone camera) it is quite a bad one. Moreover, frustration occurs when catches of special circumstances fail to express even a fraction of [...]

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