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Canon C10 and EOS C300 Mark II – Best 4K Cameras On The Market

Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Canon has revealed two 4K camcorder oriented to professional videographers. These are the XC10 and EOS C300 Mark II, which come from a steep price, but offers high performance to those in need. These doesn't impress only by their capabilities, [...]

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Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Roku Streaming Stick – Choose The Best Media Streamer

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Roku Streaming Stick

Video media streamers are becoming a part of our lives, replacing cable television providers by offering online video content at a much smaller price. The portable devices connect to a TV and stream from a computer connected to an internet [...]

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Apple TV vs Roku 3 – Buy A Streaming Device And Enjoy A New Experience In Your Living Room

Apple TV vs Roku 3

Apple and Roku are competing, along with Google and Amazon, for the tile of the best streaming box manufacturer. Their products revolutionized the television experience, by offering the users the possibility to watch TV shows or movies from the internet, [...]

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Sony a6000 – Excellent Mirrorless System With Powerful Focus

Sony a6000

In the digital photography age, mirrorless cameras have created a revolution. The original purpose was to give fans an excellent photo quality in a compact format. With them, the producers have attracted those users who did not want the size [...]

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Sony Alpha A7 – New Photo Quality Level in Mirrorless Format

Sony Alpha A7

Sony has surprised many when released RX1, a full frame sensor camera that easily fit in the compact range in terms of its size. I did not think then that the RX1 will be more than an experiment. Sony has [...]

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How to Make a Simple Animated Movie with Pictures in Mac


Have you ever wanted to make your own animated movie? In fact, it's not as difficult as you think. This article will give your some instructions on how to make a simple animated movie in Mac. Prepare the photos for [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Gear – Ideal Companion For Smartphone Or Just An Expensive Toy?

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Part of a new SmartWatch generation, Galaxy Gear is proposed as an extension to the Samsung tablet or pocket, able to take over the flow of notifications and run custom Android applications. Beyond similarities with various futuristic gadgets captured in [...]

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Sony QX10, A Pocket Camera For Your Mobile Phone


The idea of ​​a performance increase of mobile cameras with external goals is not new to iPhone users having part of a series of accessories of this type. Unlike manufacturers who focused only on optical Sony had the idea of [...]

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Sony DSC-HX50V – When You Need 30x Optical Zoom In Your Pocket

Sony DSC-HX50V

Until recently, a 30x optical zoom lens was found on a pretty high camera. The term used was "bridge", a device that seemed to make the connection between compacts and DSLR's, although it did not fit into any of these [...]

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Philips 298P4 – The Ultra Wide Monitor Made For Professionals

Philips 298P4

Those who have followed the monitors market lately observed the emergence of extremely strange patterns. I am talking about ultra wide monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Initially, this report should be used for LCD TVs, created especially for moviegoers. [...]

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