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ASUS VivoBook S200 (X202e) – the cheapest laptop with touch screen and Windows 8

ASUS VivoBook S200

ASUS VivoBook S200 (X202e) proved to be a good laptop. Provides good performance with quality materials, comes with standard ports, running on Windows 8 to benefit from touchscreen. For quite a while, most portable manufacturers have brought us old game [...]

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Asus Taichi 31 – The Elegance Of A Ultrabook With Two Screens

Asus Taichi 31 2

If Asus Taichi was released before Windows 8, would have been considered a freak of nature. When you run an operating system but with a good support for touch screens, is easy to justify an ultrabook with two displays and [...]

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Sony VAIO Duo 11 – An Amazing Ultrabook and Tablet

Sony VAIO Duo 11

Official Sony VAIO Duo 11 is a hybrid ultrabook. Basically, it differs greatly from the ultrabook listed here before. The manufacturer wanted to highlight the UI optimized touchscreen of Windows 8, while retaining specific features of a laptop. The result [...]

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ASUS VivoTab ​​TF810C with Intel Atom and Windows 8

ASUS VivoTab ​​TF810C

ASUS VivoTab TF810C is an easy and practical tablet, well built and offers good performance due to its 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor. Connected to the dock, it transforms into a netbook with range of up to 19 hours. Do not [...]

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Sony VAIO T 13 – A Stylish and Cheap Ultrabook

Sony VAIO T 13

One of the famous manufacturers of laptops which weren’t at the Ultrabook party was Sony, the company expressed its reluctance for the new Intel initiative. Finally, they decided to explore the laptop market for strong, thin, light and affordable laptops [...]

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Gigabyte T1132 – The first 3-in-1 Hybrid.


Gigabyte T1132 is the first 3 in 1 computer in the world. The hybrid can be used as a mini laptop, tablet and with a docking station may even become a desktop. For some time Gigabyte laptops invaded Europe, but [...]

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Lenovo IdeaPad U300S – An Awesome Laptop With A Compact Design

Lenovo IdeaPad U300S

The idea of ​​"ultrabook" appeared at Computex 2011, when Intel officially announced the portable category. Recently, Intel aims to create a strong brand from the ultrabook term and the buyers to associate this name with a very thin laptop - [...]

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ASUS Eee PC 1225B – The New Flare Generation

ASUS Eee PC 1225B

ASUS kicked off the netbook range by launching the first generation of Eee PCs in 2007. It was them who launched the first model, which also had the widest range in this segment. Unlike other manufacturers, ASUS has stubbornly believed [...]

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Review Toshiba Portege Z830, Easiest Ultrabook

Toshiba Portege Z830

Ultrabook sites are currently a dream for many users. Even those with better wages consider that these next generation laptops are quite expensive. At least in terms of satisfaction, but we believe that they are worth every penny. Toshiba Portege [...]

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Sony Vaio Z 2011 (VPC-Z21V9E) – A business laptop with Power Dock Media

The current model was officially announced by Sony in the summer of 2011, after a short break. VAIO Z combines the revolutionary design and carbon fiber casing with a top configuration and innovative productivity options. At the office or on [...]

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