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The New MacBook Review – A Dream Of A Device

The New MacBook

The new MacBook comes with a 13.1 mm thickness, that is 4 millimeters thinner than the Macbook Air, received 12-inch Retina display, touchpad that provides haptic feedback (touch force technology), 8GB RAM and storage space of 256GB (or 512GB if [...]

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Sony VAIO Duo 13 – An Elegant Hybrid Between Ultrabook And Tablet

Sony VAIO Duo 13

After the launch of Windows 8, the producers tried to highlight its touch interface by launching hybrid laptop models, designed to combine the benefits of an ultraportable with those of a tablet. VAIO Duo 11 was the first hybrid model [...]

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Apple Watch – Reviewing Its Top Features

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the most asked, discussed, criticized and promoted intelligent watch. This industry really started with the first gear from Samsung, the Galaxy Gear that time, and exploded with Android Wear. Now, worthy of praise are Apple Watch, Asus [...]

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The Improvements On iPhone 5S

Hand holding smartphone with blank screen

We're finally approaching the fall season, and that means that a number of exciting tech releases are imminent. Among these, the iPhone 5S will probably wind up making the most noise, as any time Apple releases a new mobile device [...]

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iPhone 5 – The New iPhone Presented by Apple

iPhone 5 1

Last night Apple introduced the iPhone 5 terminal that millions of people around the globe waited with baited breath, but everyone already knew what Apple was going to present. Everything we've seen on the internet through various rumors was presented [...]

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Revival of the Grudge Wars

Even though Samsung is trying hard to get in between, Apple fans still mark Microsoft as the only worthy opponent that the company needs to defeat. The battle of superiority between theses genius computing giants has been on since ages [...]

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The New iPad – Our First Impressions

the new ipad

The new iPad, as it was named by people from Apple and this is what I will call it, was launched on March 7. For me, the big launch was accompanied by some disappointments. Apple has launched a new tablet [...]

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Top Watch Apps That You’ll Like to Have in your iPhone

For the past 3-4 years, the designer and luxury watch brands have been using iPhone applications to promote their bestselling and latest items. The result is that a series of fun and informative watch apps have been added to the [...]

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Apple’s Game-Changing TV

Apple's Game-Changing TV Prior to his passing in 2011, Steve Jobs told told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that he had finally figured out how to make a smart TV the right way. Few details were offered besides that, but other [...]

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Apple iPod Nano 2011 Review

Apple iPod Nano 2011

Since from the inception of Appleā€™s original iPod, the Apple team was looking for some revolutionary ideas to include them in its next version of portable music player and the result is Apple iPod nano 2011, which is an exciting, [...]

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