Sony VAIO Duo 13 – An Elegant Hybrid Between Ultrabook And Tablet

Sony VAIO Duo 13

After the launch of Windows 8, the producers tried to highlight its touch interface by launching hybrid laptop models, designed to combine the benefits of an ultraportable with those of a tablet. VAIO Duo 11 was the first hybrid model of those from Sony, and its 13" version is a step forward.

Construction and design

At the end of last year, Sony launched the Vaio Duo 11, a hybrid between a Windows 8 Ultrabook and a tablet. Taking what was better, fixing what was less good and advantage of the launch of the new Haswell processors generation from Intel, Sony VAIO Duo 13 later released an enhanced version with 13" screen of the original one.

Like the original 11" VAIO Duo 13 uses a folding screen set on a flexible foot. This screen can be lying above case, when the keyboard is covered and the system can be used as a tablet or can be opened to an angle of 45 degrees, VAIO Duo 13 becoming a regular Ultrabook.

Features and Specifications

Even if it is a thin Ultrabook, VAIO Duo 13 carcass fails to provide a sufficient number of connectors. The back features two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI video output, a card reader and a 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones and Line In.

An interesting accessory is hiding but in an unexpected place: the power adapter. It features a USB port for charging a camera or a cell phone, but it is connected to a wireless router portable with USB power. Clearly less efficient than a standalone product and very spartan software, it offers a WAN Ethernet port and a wireless hotspot extremely useful for those who need a central wireless connection when away from home.

  • Display: 13.3" IPS 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Integrated GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4200U, 1.6 GHz (2.3 GHz Turbo), dual-core, HyperThreading
  • Chipset: HaswellULT/ID9C43
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3

Keyboard, touchpad and ergonomics

Taking advantage of the generous space of its slightly greater dimension, the VAIO Duo 13 features a chiclet keyboard compact-size buttons. The keys are generously spaced, reducing the chances of accidentally pressing two buttons and its workmanship is very good.

Sony VAIO Duo 13 2


We can say that Sony Vaio Duo 13 is an excellent convertible, whereas the manufacturer has retained the qualities of Vaio 11 and has remedied most of its flaws.

In addition, the new hardware platform Intel Haswell brings a fresh and improved performance especially for games, in addition to high autonomy.

The screen diagonal of 13" makes it somewhat difficult used as a tablet. In addition, when used as a laptop, the screen has a fixed position and palmrest is very small.

On the other hand, it is true that the Vaio Duo 13 is a slider which addresses a narrow niches of users: those who will truly benefit from the screen placed above, pen and digitzer.

However, if you are interested in a convertible and Sony Vaio Duo 13 doesn't interest you, there are already many alternatives with Intel hardware Ivybridge, including Asus Transformer Book TX300, Lenovo ThinPad Helix or Toshiba Satellite U920, each with its own system of conversion from laptop to tablet.


Construction quality and appearance;

Digitzer screen and pen;

Good performance;

Much improved keyboard over the previous model;

Top autonomy.


It's slider construction has certain inconveniences (fixed tilt screen, small palm rest).

Please let us know your opinion about Sony VAIO Duo 13, although it’s not a new device, it is the most bought Apple model this year.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    very nice, love this technology!

  2. amazing design and performance maked by Sony Vaio

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    cooooool formidable

  4. nice post

  5. sony vaio is a very cool laptop

  6. Sony VAIO Duo 13 is a very cool tablet, it has got lots of features, and its new platform makes it easier to to perform multiple task.

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    it is very nice

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    what i was searching for, a large screen to view pdf files as a common book

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    Genial! yo tengo una igual!

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    I am comfortable with my sony

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    Good Range of laptops and smartphones. will buy one for sure.

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  19. Sony VAIO the best technology!!


  21. Me parece una tablet con un gran diseño y competentes funciones a la hora de comparar con cualquier otro de su clase, sus caracteristicas son muy especificas a la hora de comprender las funciones de la misma.

  22. awesome hybrid

  23. kosopo3 August 26, 2015

    (Personal Computers) This is a nice looking mnhciae, suitable for home users and business types, but not for serious gamers due to its lacking a dedicated graphics processor. It is very solidly built, with no creaking or flexing, and feels very nice to the touch. The touchpad is responsive and has a full area click feature, with the right-hand lower corner reserved for right-clicks. A slight downside is that while clicking, the mouse sometimes drifts away slightly as you are still on the touch surface; I found tapping the touchpad more reliable.The screen is bright and has good viewing angles for this type of device. The screen is glossy and not matte, so it can act like a mirror in bright environments. The resolution is also fine for a screen of this size. It is no retina display for sure as close inspection of letters reveals the step-like stagger of pixellation. However, the key word there is close: at the normal screen to eye distance the stagger is smoothed away naturally not a deal breaker for me.The webcam is great and produces good colour representation from what I have seen. I have not tried it in low light conditions yet. The microphone also picks up sound very well, so no shouting required.The speakers are surprisingly good and completely hidden. My wife bought an albeit-cheap ($9), USB-powered pair of external speakers before she tried the laptop's and she really should not have bothered: the laptop outperformed them in every way.Speaking of sound, then cooling fan is audible at full throttle, but is is acceptably quiet.Ports-wise, this laptop is well-endowed, especially given its ultrabook form factor: LAN port, VGA, full HDMI, SD & Pro Duo card slot, headphone port, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 (also a sleeping-charge port for external devices).The keyboard is clickless and has that nice resist and collapse feel, so no sponginess.All of this for $800 is an absolute bargain frankly. If you plan on getting Windows 8, get Windows 7 Home Premium as Microsoft offers an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $15.

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    well design and performance. durable also

  25. It is very good pc

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