iPad 2 Review – One Of The Best Tablets

Even if the first iPad was greeted by a large reluctance of the public, starting from the premise that it is difficult to insert a device in the segment between a smartphone and a notebook, Apple has relied heavily on a new class of products and won. Soon it was concluded that there is an audience for a class of products with a larger screen than a phone, but much more clever than a simple eBook reader.


First of all, its features:

  • More powerful processor: 1 GHz dual-core Apple A5. N
  • More memory: 512 RAM
  • Two cameras, thus providing the ability to make video calls
  • HDMI output using adapter. Unfortunately it must be purchased separately and is not exactly cheap
  • Gyroscope which, together with the accelerator, provides the ability to run advanced applications that rely on motion sensors
  • Thinner and lighter, the new iPad thickness of just 8.8 mm comparable to 13.4 mm in the previous version


Once out of the box, you will find, besides the tablet, a traditional USB cable and a 30pin USB socket and an adapter with a 10W power, one thing you need to do: Enjoy your iPad 2, a completely functional product.

The screen is another constant and common point common between the current and the former iPad, because we enjoy the same touch panel IPS with LED-backlit capable of a resolution equal to 1024 x 768 pixels.

Inside, we have a combination of an AARM Cortex-A9 MPCore and a GPU PowerVR SGX543MP2 processor. Even if the two together are called Apple A5 and are big chances that this couple has become ubiquitous in the touch-sensitifive devices designed in Cupertino, even separate the two "brains" are impressive. Cortex-A9 is a processor with two cores at 1GHz and PowerVR SGX543MP2 is a graphics processor, also with two cores.

In practice, although neither the old iPad was not so slow, the biggest advantage of the new iPad is the double amount of RAM, from 256 to 512, the same amount of memory present in iPhone 4. If you wonder what is reflected in these specifications, along with a very good response in terms of transitions through the menus, including the transition from one application to another, the answer is given by a new generation of applications. They are more complex, closer to the common package of functions provided by an application on a desktop.

Revolution will be big for 3D games. Even if Infinity Blade is one of the few games that take advantage of the graphics power within the new iPad, regarding the future of gaming on the iPad is enough to say that is far from being achieved its full potential. Another proof of performance from the new iPad is that is loaded with 1,500 books, without any waiting time, displays them on full screen so you can read them.

After all, the iPad is moving incredibly fast, no matter what you do on it, the effects of the transition takes place without a bit of delay, can open and close applications faster than ever.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  22. Am planning of getting an ipad for myself very soon. I cant wait to start using it. Thanks to techfreakz

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