Apple’s Game-Changing TV

Apple's Game-Changing TV

Prior to his passing in 2011, Steve Jobs told told his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that he had finally figured out how to make a smart TV the right way. Few details were offered besides that, but other bits of information have started to trickle out. More information has since been detailed about the set.

The user interface is probably the most interesting part of the television. It's an Apple product, and all of their new products use OS X or iOS, which at it's core is just a modified version of OS X. It's safe to bet that the new TV will run on OS X or iOS, and thanks to this it will certainly have iCloud support. This means no more purchasing from the limited selection of On Demand movies through a Satellite TV or cable provider. Instead, owners of Apple's TV would just need to browse iTunes' massive library for a title to watch. The ability to run apps also seems like a given, and it will also be done right. Jobs commented that the interface on the TV is the "simplest user interface you could imagine." Expect Siri to be prominent in the set.

As for hardware, as with anything Apple does, two things are a given. One is that the hardware will be top notch. A custom chip has been developed for the set, and Sharp has been commissioned to build the displays. The second is that it will be expensive. The rumor mill has suggested that the Apple television will cost twice what a comparable smart TV does.

Despite these rumors, it's still unknown as to when Apple's television set will launch. Speculation has it pegged for a release before the end of 2012, but that's a time frame that could change on any given day. Several sources have stated that Apple has been working on a television set since 2007. Given the exhaustive amount of time that has already gone into it, a delay wouldn't be out of the question. When it does finally release, though, it is almost certain to be a game changer in the world of televisions.

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  1. Christian Lester Menor January 20, 2012

    This will be the best smart TV ever! With the best OS from Apple, I can't imagine how smart it will be especially when the Siri app has been implemented with it. Apple apps, plus TV, plus internet, plus more, that's incredibly amazing!

  2. This is a great change. Apple is the best!

  3. liantafe January 22, 2012

    apple is a great company even after death of Jobs.I think it will be sth nice and perfect!

  4. jitender February 2, 2012

    I always likes the apple products. it is awesome!!!!!!

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  6. anastacia August 20, 2012

    apple is a great company even after death of Jobs.I think it will be sth nice and perfect!

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