Apple Macbook Air 11.6 – 2011 Generation

Apple Macbook Air 11.6 inch has a ultrabook specifications, but we cannot compare it with an ultrabook. Even if the price is high for a portable with a diagonal of 11.6-inch, Macbook Air is unique and must be tested before premature conclusions.

In January 2008, Apple launched the thinnest laptop on the market in the world at that time. Although the facilities were top, Apple has created a new generation of portables. Its competitors have seen an opportunity of such notebooks and products like Dell Adamo appeared.

After three years, Apple is the third generation of Macbook Air. The design changed since October 2010 and Intel Sandy Bridge processor family, the smallest Macbook Air 11.6 was just launched.

Intel launched the ultrabook concept of an easy laptop, thin with a screen ranging from 11.6 inch to 15.6 inch, Intel Sandy Bridge, all at a price of about $1,000, and manufacturers such as Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo and Acer announced models that threaten the Apple rule.

Has an Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2367M for 1.6GHz, very fast SSD, 64GB and built-in video card carry out all actions taken on the laptop.

The new operating system - Mac OS X Lion - notable improvements, new features (LaunchPad, Mission Control, Versions, Auto Save, Resume, Air Drop, Mac App Store, redesigned Mail application and running in full screen) and multitouch gestures more intuitive.


Apple Macbook Air 11.6 Strengths - generation 2011:

  •   Quality materials;
  •   Reduced weight and size;
  •   Mac OS X Lion;
  •   Battery life.

Apple Macbook Air 11.6 Weaknesses - generation 2011:

  •   Price;
  •   Glossy screen, lack of IPS technology.

When referring to the issue we must take into account other factors than the product itself. MacBook Air comes packaged in a box of minimalist design and content. Apple reduced the pack size in recent years to carry as many units at once, thus reducing consumption and therefore pollution.

First of all engineers in Cupertino have thought about security laptop and the plug MagSafe power cord attached, which prevents accidental pulling of the laptop if one clings thread. A second innovation is the two claws coming out of the charger and allows further tightening of the wire, so a better transportation charger. In no case do we find any DVD and flash drive, as Apple has implemented the Online Restore technology when Mac OS X Lion to be reinstalled or when changing the drive.

We were impressed by the first moments with Macbook Air 11.6 inch. As in 2010, reduced weight and thickness immediately stand out, and the aluminum has a pleasant texture and color. Opening the laptop you will be greeted by a multi-touch trackpad, a full-size keyboard, 11.6-inch glossy screen and a webcam.

The glass trackpad have generously sized and can be used easily with two, three or four fingers. Given the slim profile of the laptop, the keys do not have a high height, but you can use them without problems, especially because their light has been reintroduced.

Apple offers a 16:9 screen only to the MacBook of 11.6-inch, so that those who are fans of the movies "on the go" will appreciate this. If the MacBook Pro family-sized boast with 720p webcams those from Air works only in VGA resolution.

There are few design elements for your attention, but it is known that Apple went on the line of its minimalist, simple look. American manufacturer has added enough ports for daily activities: on the right we meet Thunderbolt, along with a USB 2.0 connection.

The left side is more crowded, containing the MagSafe port, second USB 2.0 jack with habitual role of input and output audio and microphone. Of course we don't have an optical drive, but increasingly fewer of us use CDs and DVDs.

MacBook Air 11.6 inch was launched at the same time with latest operating system offered by Apple: Mac OS X Lion. It offers improvements both in performance and at the operation. We have clearly seen elements borrowed from iOS system: running full screen applications, Launchpad, Resume.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    wow.. very nice & sleek.

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    i want one too !! i love mac !

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