Apple iPod Touch (3rd Gen) MP3 Player Offers More than Just Music

Manufactured by the leading MP3 provider Apple, the Apple iPod Touch (3rd Generation) is a device that has a lot to offer for the users. Of course it has both plus and minus points. For example; on the positive side it has the capacity to hold 64 GB storage and on the negative side is the absence of FM tuner. However, the positive sides far outnumber the negative sides. In any case; it is the MP3 player that offers more than just music.

Extraordinary Features

While Apple has been making iPods since 2001, the touch system iPod came up only in 2007. Yet when they arrived, each model offered something new and the latest iPod touch also is not only well engineered but also extremely user friendly that makes it very popular in the market.

Main Features

Some of the main features of the Apple iPod Touch (3rd Gen) are –

  • The product is larger than most other products in the market.
  • Its closest competitors are Zune HD and Creative Zen X-Fi2.
  • The device has the largest storage space among its contemporaries.
  • One of the downsides is the expensive nature of the product but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
  • While the music playing is plain and simple, the interface as well as user functionality is far too superior in comparison to any other similar devices in the market.

Points of Difference

Features that distinguishes the Apple iPod Touch (3rd Gen) form others are as follows.

  • It offers storage space as large as 64 GB.
  • User can have 14,000 songs and around 30 hours of playback.
  • User can browse by artists, albums, or songs.
  • Playlist of favorite genres can be easily created.
  • Built in microphone helps create great audio impact.
  • User can keep it in pocket while using the earphone or headphone and remote or mic.

Voice Commands

Apple iPod Touch (3rd Gen) also has the facilities of using voice control for simple commands like random, next song, play, or stop. An advanced feature is the play artist linking park.

Touch Technology

Made on the basis of touch technology, the product has multi touch interface as well as an “accelerometer” that helps the touch system with advanced features. Some of the basic advantages of such advanced systems are –

  • Apple iPod Touch (3rd Gen) allows multi tasking.
  • It helps flicking through the photo albums.
  • Pinching to zoom in and zoom out is very helpful.
  • Many of these features are included in some popular games as well.
  • It means very little menu navigation and no single click scrolling along the media displays. Navigation in result is much faster.

Screen Adjustments

With the accelerometer one can sense positions and adjust the screen accordingly and thus it is possible using the portrait and landscape features with any application including the photo album. When it is a family album or friends group in the picture, this screen adjustment features turns out to be very handy as every part of the picture is clearly displayed.

Apple iPod Touch (3rd Gen) is not just music but much more than that.

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    Really, iPod is a great technology .Its Features are great and new features makes me so happy. Apple is the best company in the world.

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  10. I love ipod......this is the best thing that ever happened to ipods......

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