Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phone Launch – First Specs and Image

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Users interested in the future of the desktop version of Windows 10 have tested since last fall the Technical Preview version, the event of the end of January bringing them both new information and also test version significant updated. Windows Phone users have not received much attention beyond some information and the promise of launching a test version later this month, but the curious ones apparently have no long to expect.

According to unofficial information even from within the company, Microsoft has launched an internal test involving several thousand people from several departments. Rumors say that the version with the 8.15.12492.41 number is the first tested outside software development department and the last test before the public launch, but it is not clear whether Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones will receive any improvement until its official debut.

Microsoft stated that Windows 10 phones will be released sometime later this month, but did not provide a clear date and the development team denied the rumor that the Technical Preview update package will be available from today, February 4.

The company offered few details about its upcoming platform for mobile software in the event that took place on January 21, but the news list is far from exhausted. According to images published mistake on Twitter and removed in the meantime, we already know that Windows 10 for phones will offer Live Tiles with new dimensions, which is good news for those who complain about a too restrictive graphical environment of the current Windows Phone platform. Beyond this detail we already know that the graphical environment of this new platform will be similar to the one we know from Windows Phone, but Windows 10 will bring a lot of interesting news.

Notification Center integrates with an equivalent menu on the desktop or tablets that are logged and provides a synchronization that will facilitate management activities. In addition, this menu will provide an improved Action Center with the ability to directly interact with the content of notifications. The installed list of applications and settings menus from Windows Phone was never an ergonomics standard, but Windows 10 makes them easier to use. Settings menu has been designed so as to imitate the new equivalent of the desktop version, providing a familiar environment regardless of the used platform.

Mail has been restored, Windows 10 will bring back multiprotocol integration that Windows Phone had a long time ago but lost it. At this time, SMS and Skype are the only integrates and allow the transparent passage from one service to another, but Microsoft said that popular networks like Facebook and WhatsApp are on the priority list of programmers.

Universal applications that Microsoft has introduced almost a year ago and have appeared in a primary form of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 will reach maturity with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft has introduced a number of universal products which use the same software core but will adapt the interface depending on their screen size, on this list entering Outlook messaging client, applications like Calendar, People and Photos and finally, new tactile version of Microsoft Office.

Windows 10 for phones also brings other news. We will soon see what other features will have, and the news of internal testing and the apparition of functional interface picture takes us to believe that we will not have to wait too long.

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    I own windows phone 8.1 on Lumia and now with windows 10 comming soon i think microsoft are ready to be loved again

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    Better hopes for windows 10...saw the technical preview of lumia 830..real impressive

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  27. Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phone Launch – First Specs and Image its great

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