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Vivobook Asus S400 – An Amazing Ultraportable Touchscreen

Vivobook Asus S400 is a portable laptop with a diagonal of 14.1", a bigger and stronger version of the Asus S200 model. These days I had the opportunity to play with such a laptop, which largely addresses the same market [...]

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ME Electronics A151 Headphone Review

ME Electronics A151

A headphone in combination with good music seems to be a great boon for the music lovers. Among the recent electronic gadgets inventions, the headphones seem to be one of rarest inventions of its kind, which are used by all [...]

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Avoid the Sting with Free SIM

When going on holiday, many of us spend hours writing and ticking off our holiday check lists, just to make sure we don’t forget any of our vacation essentials. Often this will include a valid Passport, holiday insurance, tickets or [...]

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Asus Taichi 31 – The Elegance Of A Ultrabook With Two Screens

If Asus Taichi was released before Windows 8, would have been considered a freak of nature. When you run an operating system but with a good support for touch screens, is easy to justify an ultrabook with two displays and [...]

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Experience Amazing Sound Quality with Philips Fidelio M1 Headphone

Philips Fidelio M1 Headphones

Experience the world of amazing music and sound technology through Philips Fidelio MI headphones. The stylish look of the device will simply turn you on at the first glimpse itself. The black plastic ear cup of the device certainly helps [...]

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Sony VAIO Duo 11 – An Amazing Ultrabook and Tablet

Official Sony VAIO Duo 11 is a hybrid ultrabook. Basically, it differs greatly from the ultrabook listed here before. The manufacturer wanted to highlight the UI optimized touchscreen of Windows 8, while retaining specific features of a laptop. The result [...]

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